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Address: Level 9, 190 Queen Street
City: Melbourne Victoria
State/Province: Victoria
Postal Code: 3000
Country: Australia
Phone: +61 3 9670 6599
Fax: +61 3 9670 6533
E-Mail: mark@curriecommunications.com.au
Web Site: www.curriecommunications.com.au

Currie Communications is an independent-thinking consultancy which thrives on work that connects public relations with people, profit and the planet.

We assist leading private and public sector organisations to effectively engage influential corporate, government, media and community stakeholders.

The consultancy, which was founded in 1989, specialises in providing strategic and tactical support for issues-based, stakeholder and marketing communications campaigns which are closely aligned to an organization’s key goals.

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Transportation/Traffic
  • Travel/Tourism/Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Health/Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Government/Military/Public Sector
  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Business-to-Business Communications
  • Brand Positioning and Activation
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability
  • Digital Strategy and Design
  • Media Communications, Training
  • Issue and Crisis Management
  • Government Relations/Public Affairs
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Research and Analysis
  • Internal Communications
  • Content Marketing, Storytelling
  • Susan McNair

    Managing Director

    A former managing editor, Susan knows how to organise. No matter how tight the deadline or challenging the brief, she draws on her significant experience and problem solving ability to get the best result.


  • Mark Paterson


    The charismatic leader of Currie Communications thrives on the big picture. An inspiring facilitator and Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, he helps organisations find their voice and see their future more clearly.


  • “Coast Communications is our partner in strategic media training and education. We are.impressed by the agency’s ability, not least in its communications with its clients!” us!”
    Helena Östman, communications director, Nordea Sweden
  • “Our Company and I in particular worked with CooperKatz and their staff of PR executives for many years. Our industry is subject to largely compressed business cycles and periods of great sporadic media and public relations volatility, including late-breaking industry news and service provider implications. CooperKatz was consistently responsive and creative during times of immediate response need, as well as strategic in both their planning and forward thinking for upcoming events, opportunities and exposure management. We were fortunate to have them as a valued team partner and by their efforts and contribution we were clearly more visible and successful.”
    Mark A. Steber, Chief Tax Officer, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
  • "We agency know-how was instrumental in demonstrating, across key French wine markets, the unmatched benefits of natural cork. Their understanding of the issues shaping complex narratives is top-notch!"
    Carlos de Jesus, Director of Marketing & Communications Amorim Group
  • “Thanks to the relevant contacts and relationships they have, their professional approach and the good insights of our brand, PRP has been able to obtain nice media results for Vispring every year again. Since the beginning of our collaboration, it has been nice working together. PRP’s large online expertise moreover is helping us to position Vispring in the market via a channel that is gaining importance.”
    Katrien Gielen, Marketing & Communications Manager at Vispring
  • "For over ten years CPC has been an invaluable strategic partner who has played a vital role in the the positive growth and development of our school. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
    Sean Power, Institut Florimont

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