Santiago Peixoto


Santiago has a degree in Political Science from El Salvador University, an MBA from IAE Business School and a Degree in Advanced Finances in Domestic Financial Crisis from Catholic University in Argentina.

He has been part of Identia since 2005. He works on the development of plans for strategic and institutional communication, positioning, crisis management and damage control, image construction, issue management, public affairs, public relations, and press relations for numerous companies.

He was previously responsible for the Institutional Relations of the Argentinean Chamber of Paper. He has also worked as an image assessor in electoral campaigns. From an academic standpoint, he has completed research studies, papers, and publications over the functioning and dynamic of the Argentinean political system and the influence which it has over the electoral system.
He is currently partner at Identia PR—leading consulting firm in communication and press strategies, positioned among the top ten in Argentina—along with Dominique Biquard and Agustin Stellatelli.

From 2004 to 2007, Santiago was Head of the Public Relations Department of the Faculty of Communication of Universidad del Salvador.

He is proficient in English.