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Member: RumboCierto
Address: Lo Fontecilla 101, oficina 212
City: Santiago de Chile
State/Province: Región Metropolitana
Postal Code: 7591047
Country: Chile
Phone: (56 2) 22461380
E-Mail: contacto@rumbocierto.cl
Web Site: www.rumbocierto.cl
RumboCierto Strategic Communication is a young strategic communications company which offers its clients a comprehensive service, accompanying them throughout the whole communicational process, from understanding the business and its relationship with the environment, to its positioning.
Its excellent professional level and the distinguished career of its staff, allows delivering independent, strategic, and personal advice with a global understanding of the issues. The agency has a multidisciplinary and highly trained board, with over fifteen years of experience in media, and advice to business and corporate governments , political campaigns and Government , as well as numerous international foundations and NGOs.
RumboCierto offers customized communication strategies, social networking management services, relations with companies and stakeholders services and organization of corporate and institutional events.
  • Airlines
  • Architecture
  • Audit
  • Banking
  • Culture, Arts and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Foundations and NGOs
  • Insurance
  • Laboratories
  • Pension
  • Politics
  • Production Events and Seminars
  • Security
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Strategic Communication, knowledge of business targets, planning, media relation, senior executives positioning, media training and press clipping.
  • Crisis Communication
  • Social networking management, web strategy and direct relationship.
  • Public Affairs.
  • International Relations and Business.
  • Event’s production.
  • Valentina Giacaman Hazboun

    Founding Partner

    Valentina Giacaman Hazboun is the Founder Partner of this boutique company that operates locally, but with important relationships and global clients including prestigious financial institutions, as well as Government agencies, foundations and NGOs. BA in Communications at Universidad de Concepción – Chile and MBA from Universidad del Desarrollo – Chile, she was senior financial reporter for El Mercurio newspaper in Santiago, Chile for about a decade.


  • Jorge Frei


    I come from the law field and public policies. My experience in the public field Undersecretary of Justice, Secretary General of the Civil Aviation Board,  Advisor to the President on a range of public policy issues, including Community Security, Defense, International Affairs and Human Rights as well as the private in different roles has allowed me to confirm how essential communications are.


  • "RumboCierto organized the event of the launch of our representative office in Chile offering a serious service and caring our image and  international standards at all times."
    la Caixa
  • "RumboCierto Communications has helped us in our position with key media, showing the multidimensionality of our firm. It is a professional  team and committed to client"
  • "On the first edition of Innovators under 35 awards in Chile we have the support of RumboCierto, which has been key to achieving the broader impact on Chilean media."
    MIT Technology Review
  • "The strategic communication of RumboCierto and it social media management of Twitter, has helped us to position Europe as a tourist destination."
  • "Our top analysts have become leaders in the national business press. RC has a great knowledge of our company and has supported us in significant communication challenges."
    Banco Penta