Dominique Biquard
Specialized in strategic and crisis communication, in 2004 she founded Identia PR, agency of which she is partner with Agustín Stellatelli and Santiago Peixoto. Dominique advises domestic and foreign clients, civil society organizations, public sector and individuals. Previously, she worked as Communications Manager for the health companies of the Exxel Group. She lived in Comodoro Rivadavia (Province of Chubut in south Argentina) for over 8 years, where she actively participated in the community and political life. She was founding member of Fundacion Compromiso and Fundacion Crecer. Dominique was president of Marianne Argentina (2015-2017), an association of Argentine and French women professionally active, born in 2010 with the institutional patronage of the French Embassy, with the idea of promoting bonds between Argentina and France via leading women in the fields of business, science, art and culture. She is fluent in English and French.

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