Informed Families

Agencies: The Conroy Martinez Group

Informed Families’ Lock Your Meds Campaign

Teenage deaths from prescription drugs surpassed the mortality rates from illegal drugs in the U.S.: a 400% increase in abuse, with one in five teenagers experimenting with prescription drugs. National Family Partnership, funded by King Pharmaceuticals, retained The Conroy Martinez Group to launch this cause related marketing campaign nationally. The goal was to create greater awareness and educate parents and grandparents about this issue. To build credibility and the attention of the target market, only effective publicity could spread their message and create the reach.


The bilingual strategy was to reach parents and grandparents through their targeted magazines, blogs, online news portals, and more, but also through general consumer media including print, online and broadcast. The agency wrote a “5 Tips for Parents” article to safeguard their medicines, which was picked up far and wide. Catchy headlines to the press releas “You May Be A Drug Supplier Without Knowing It” created timely news hooks for the media: Holidays, Spring Break, and Summer Break were pitched as angles when teens were most likely to be unsupervised. A well-crafted PSA campaign: “She gets her laugh from her mother, her eyes from her father and her drugs from her mother’s purse” was created and used by print and online media throughout the US.


More than 350 placements were secured nationally. Even the U.S. Secretary of State tweeted about Lock Your Meds. International and national media covering the story included Telemundo, America TeVe, Yahoo News/Health and CNBC. Online media included, AOL Latino,, Boomer Health, The Foreign Policy Association World Affairs Blog Network, dozens of mom and grand parenting online pubs. On radio: Grand Parenting Today, Health Radio, Good Parenting Radio (51 stations), NPR covered the campaign. TV coverage included the #1 rated news show in the country on WABC TV in NY, News 12 TV Connecticut, TV News 2 Nashville, WTVJ- NBC Miami, KCTV5 Kansas City, to name a few. Regional press included The New York Daily News and syndicated columnists throughout the U.S.