Polish Chamber of Insurance

Agencies: OneMulti

#dontplead: Climate changes, change your habits

In the summer of 2019, the Polish Chamber of Insurance, in cooperation with OneMulti, carried out a campaign #dontplead, aimed at making Poles aware of the risk associated with the occurrence of extreme weather events.


As part of the campaign, OneMulti had the pleasure to lead communication to communes throughout Poland and to national and industry media, including local media from the most endangered areas.

Analysis of data as a basis for action

The starting point for organising the #niezklinaj (#dontplead) campaign was the PIU research conducted for the purposes of the report entitled “Risk climate”, published in December 2018 by PIU in cooperation with Deloitte.
Conclusions from the report were used to prepare a separate survey of weather risk awareness and insurance awareness of Poles. They were conducted in July 2019 by e-mail and telephone among the inhabitants of areas particularly exposed to the elements. The results of the study were used in planning communication activities to municipalities and media, as well as in preparing content and targeting it in social media and advertising campaigns on Google.

Assumptions and objectives of the campaign

The #niezaklinaj (#dontplead) campaign was to draw the attention of the Polish society to the risk of extreme weather phenomena and the need to take action to minimize their negative effects. The aim of the Polish Chamber of Insurance was to engage local authorities and the media in communication and to stimulate discussion on this subject in the national and international arena.
An additional impulse for the Polish Chamber of Insurance to undertake intensive communication activities was the observation that in Poland there are no educational activities concerning the behaviour before, during and after the occurrence of the weather risk. The topic was not taken up by local authorities and the media. This was confirmed by an opinion poll, according to which as many as 80% of inhabitants of areas exposed to the elements consider their place of residence safe. At the same time, as many as 25% of housing policy holders resign from flood insurance, counting on state and local government support.


The survey was conducted with the CAWI/CATI method in July 2019. The respondents came from the following provinces: Dolnośląskie, Małopolskie, Podkarpackie and Grudziądz, Inowrocław and Włocławek. According to the report “Risk climate”, these regions are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather phenomena.
The communication campaign was launched in the storm season to take advantage of the public interest in the subject of extreme weather phenomena. One of our tasks as an agency was to effectively reach the municipalities. The form of mailing was chosen for the databases available on the Ministry of the Interior and Administration’s website. This method of communication proposed by OneMulti proved to be very effective.

All the activities were conducted by PIU in cooperation with OneMulti and Hi Agency: 

– Mailings to gminas with educational materials
– Interviews, expert comments, podcasts with PIU experts, mailings to journalists – explaining, among others, how to behave in case of an aerial trumpet and flooding
– Influencers involvement:

– Janina Daily prepared a humorous account of the results of the PIU research,
– Crazy Science explained how to behave in a storm,
– Jarosław Turała explained how to observe the sky and read the weather forecasts,
– illustrator Gotek Rysuje has prepared comics illustrating key messages.

– PIU’s own channels: promotion in social media and 17 articles on PIU blogs
– Communication with insurers: questionnaire on weather risks on FB profiles addressed to agents: Insurance Know-How (UNH) and Objective Agent Forum (OFA – the most famous agency group on the FB), providing educational materials on these profiles.
– Advertising campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and Google Display Network

OneMulti was responsible for communication with the media and municipalities. Hi Agency was responsible for creation in the whole project, preparation of advertising formats, promotion on FB, TT and Google. PIU – content development, cooperation with influencers, research, report, questionnaire, cooperation with the market.


The materials of the Polish Chamber of Insurance were promoted by over 50 communes in Poland: we have recorded 58 publications on the websites of communal offices and on the profiles of the Building Research Institute.

  • 435 publications were published in the media (national and local press, radio and TV) – total reach: over 8 million
  • FB: over 3.8 million page views, almost 30.000 activities
  • TT: approx. 1.1 million page views, almost 69.500 activities
  • LIn: 36 000 hits
  • Influencers: range approx. 107 000
  • Over 13 000 page views of publications on PIU blogs
  • GDN advertising: 277.4 thousand impressions

In addition, at the request of the European Commission and Insurance Europe, the report “Risk climate” has been translated into English. PIU was invited by the Austrian financial supervision to the panel on climate change during the conference on the insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe, and as a speaker at the International Catastrophic Risks Forum to present good practices on education on weather risk prevention.