Prime Commercial Developers

Agencies: The Conroy Martinez Group

Prime Commercial Developers Launch Portofino Professional Center and Portofino Plaza

Prime Commercial Developers, part of the Abbo Group of Companies, saw a need for first-class office space for physicians and other ancillary providers located near the newly built Homestead Hospital. They would build a medical/professional center, Portofino Professional Center, with state-of-the-art office condominiums that would house large medical equipment and offer the amenities healthcare professionals would need. A second development, Portofino Plaza, would consist of two, three-story buildings that were mixed use for office space, retail, dining and a multiplex. The Conroy Martinez Group was brought aboard to generate awareness with an integrated communications campaign.


The Conroy Martinez Group launched a full-scale publicity campaign announcing both new office condominium opportunities, creating groundbreaking events that garnered both print and broadcast media, and included the mayor and officials who were happy to see further development in their city. We hosted several media once the sales office was built to provide updates on sales and the building. We created hard hat media tours, ongoing updates on construction, updates on offices, retail tenants, profiles on the management, and several other story angles.


The Conroy Martinez Group secured press all along the way in South Florida magazines and newspapers. All local television stations ran B-roll the agency had provided or sent cameras themselves. The PR team handled media, made recommendations on a direct-mail program and pursued advertorial opportunities in medical type publications that reached doctors. The firm coordinated with Homestead Hospital and sponsored physician events. Working closely with the Prime Commercial sales force, both office condominium buildings sold out.