Simply Orange

Agencies: The Conroy Martinez Group

Florida Launch of Simply Orange Created Great Lift for Product Sales

The Minute Maid Company sought to launch Simply Orange, a not-from-concentrate orange juice, into the Florida market. This was the toughest market for them, the company said, since Tropicana was based in Florida and had a stronghold there for many years. Positioned to be a premium player in the chilled orange juice category, Simply Orange juice offered a taste experience comparable to fresh-squeezed orange juice, in a uniquely simple and clear carafe that sealed in freshness and taste.


The launch date was in March which, through our agency’s research, turned out to be National Nutrition Month. The Conroy Martinez Group created an integrated, 360-degree campaign that included state-wide media relations and guerilla marketing. We contacted the Florida Dietetic Association and convinced them to utilize Simply Orange Juice in sampling throughout the state. They even sampled in the state capitol! CMG decided that to depict the freshest orange juice, the firm should create the world’s largest bowl of oranges. Thus, the agency contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to enter the world’s largest Bowl of Oranges competition creating a new category.


The agency planned an onsite health fair in conjunction with the world’s largest bowl of oranges event. The visual was so good, the TV press carried it throughout Florida and beyond, in 62 media markets. After the event, the firm also secured press coverage for the donation of the bowl’s 40,000 oranges to various food banks around Miami. Simply Orange became a strong competitor in the fresh orange juice category. Grocery stores could not keep the product on their shelves throughout the state, making this one of the most successful new product launches for the company. The sales for Simply Orange juice continued to be strong throughout the state.