The South Bay Children’s Health Center

Agencies: The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

Raising Awareness for Bringing Health Services to Low Income Families

South Bay Children’s Health Center, a philanthropic, non-profit organization established in 1947, provides vital dental, vision, hearing, child and teenage guidance and special education services to more than 13,000 South Bay children from low- and moderate-income families. The organization’s key fund-raising event, the Tracy Austin Pro-Pro-Celebrity Charity Tennis Tournament had never had any public relations efforts to boost its visibility, The Hoyt Organization (THO) was brought on board to launch an intensive media relations campaign that targeted electronic and a wide range of print media on a regional and national basis.


THO implemented an intense media relations campaign for the event which was covered by numerous regional and national print media all of which ran feature articles prior to the event. These included major dailies, weeklies, all community publications as well as numerous Southern California radio stations and KABC-TV, Channel 7.The day of the event, reporters/photographers from New York Newsday, Los Angeles Times, Daily Breeze, and photo agencies that included Media Source and Glove, were present – obtaining photos/info for post tournament coverage, which was also extensive.


As stated by the Center’s Board of Directors in an event wrap-up session, the increased awareness of the event resulted in significantly greater funds raised, which far exceeded any year in the event’s 16-year history.