So, You Think You Need a PR Firm: Tips from an Insider on How to Do it Right

Hiring any consultant is a difficult task. How do you find one that will mesh with your company culture and values? What about the budget? How can you measure results? With public relations, it can be even more difficult, given most people struggle with the intangible aspect of our industry. That said, there are ways … Read More

PR Implications of the Peace Summit in Singapore between President Trump of the USA and Chairman Kim of the DPRK

The Peace Summit between President Donald Trump of USA and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea held at The Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island concluded on 12 June. The historic meeting was considered a success, as both parties agreed to meet further to work out the details for a permanent … Read More

Integrity – a solution to South American comms woes

Aside from the well-known highly corrupt and troubled governments in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, for the past two years (and more) Latin American countries have been involved in a series of scandals that have undermined confidence in politics and in business at corporate level.

Philadelphia welcomes the DNC to town

The Democratic National Convention’s selection of Philadelphia for its historic convention this week is no accident. A city often overlooked between the towering shadows of New York City and Washington, D.C., Philadelphia offers convention-goers and watchers a unique experience.

Beautiful moment

I am very proud of my city and my state. After witnessing our first major sports championship in Cleveland after more than 50 years, we have witnessed another event of extraordinary magnitude. It’s the Republican National Convention.

The Great Brexit Debate: German media reacts to Brexit

The predominant message across all forms of German media has been one of regret about the result. Most commentators agree that a unified EU is necessary to address common European and global challenges. They also believe that the EU needs the UK.

Brexit: The Aftermath

In the cold light of dawn after the seismic result of the UK referendum, the balls which had been blasted into space are gradually falling to earth and reality is taking hold.

Opportunities for everyone

I’ve traveled to and from the UK since the age of six. I love the British and especially their sense of humour (even though I’m aware that I will never fully understand it.) Their strong will to lead and ability to speak up if they believe something is wrong is something I truly admire.

It’s all about Fruit!

Fellow PRGN’ers you may think that Trump vs. Clinton is the only show in town but we’ve got our own tussle happening next week. Variously known as Brexit or the vote to Remain/Leave Europe, the Referendum which will decide whether the UK stays in the European Union is massively vexing people.

Implications of the Marriott International’s acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

The recent acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide by Marriott International may have stunned the hospitality industry but it was not totally unexpected to me. Mileage Communications was Marriott’s PR agency based in Singapore for more than 17 years, since 1994. When we were appointed, Marriott had just opened the JW Marriott Hong Kong, … Read More

DieselGate, all the mistakes by Volkswagen PR team

“It takes a whole life to build a reputation. It takes a moment to destroy it”. The concise comment by Gianni Puglisi, IULM’s dean, summarizes perfectly the media storm fallen on the automotive industry Volkswagen, accused by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of having adulterated data regarding its diesel cars’ emissions. DieselGate, as it … Read More

DieselGate, tutti gli errori del team PR di Volkswagen

“A costruire una reputazione occorre una vita. A distruggerla basta un attimo”. Il lapidario commento di Gianni Puglisi, rettore dello IULM di Milano, riassume perfettamente la tempesta mediatica che si è abbattuta sulla casa automobilistica Volkswagen, accusata dall’Agenzia per la protezione ambientale americana (EPA) di aver truccato i dati relativi alle emissioni di sostanze inquinanti … Read More

Volkswagen Exec’s Sincere Apology Blames Rogue Engineers – Not the Best Approach to a PR Crisis

By now, most people are aware that Volkswagen’s image has taken a severe hit over the past month, when it was revealed that the automaker had installed technology in its cars that could “cheat” emissions tests. VW admitted that worldwide, 11 million cars that run on diesel fuel had this type of technology, and the … Read More