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At PRGN Deep Relationships and Trust Result in Great Service – President’s Q&A


At the 30-year anniversary meeting and conference of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) in May 2022, member agencies elected David Fuscus to serve as the 32nd President of the global network of independent communications and PR agencies. In a quick interview to kick off his presidency, David shares his views on what sets PRGN… Continue reading At PRGN Deep Relationships and Trust Result in Great Service – President’s Q&A

Why PRGN Works

By Christina Rytter, President PRGN - Scandinavian Communications

Throughout my all-most 20 years in the communications game, I have been participating in many business networks – national as well as international. These networks have contributed to many learnings and business connections, but also to some important realizations. These became particularly obvious, when I became active in the leadership of Public Relations Global Network… Continue reading Why PRGN Works

The Great Brexit (UK Exit)


On Thursday Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU), striking a blow against the bloc and spreading panic through world markets as sterling collapsed to a 31-year low. Investors scrambled to sell the pound, oil and stocks as Britain took a lurch into the unknown, becoming the first country to quit in the EU’s 60-year history, a culmination of decades of suspicion over European aims of creating an ever-closer political union.

Keepin’ the Customer Satisfied

By Evelyn John Holtzhausen

The positive impact a rave review has on your product or service can’t be beat. Whatever the budget, the size of the billboard or the impact of the TV campaign, “nothing,” as the dearly-departed Prince sang, “compares” to a happy customer championing your cause.

Lessons from a Curmudgeon

By Evelyn John Holtzhausen

Koos Viviers the curmudgeonly editor of the Cape Times, in Cape Town, South Africa, sat in his leather lined chair behind his mahogany desk, and glowered at me, the brand new, extremely nervous night editor of “his” treasured morning newspaper. “Your job is simple”, he said.

Uwe Schmidt, interviewed by German Netzwirtschaft.Net (Digital Workouts)

By Uwe Schmidt - Industrie-Contact • Public Relations Agency

Interview by Netzwirtschaft.Net   Who is Uwe Schmidt? Please briefly introduce yourself. I am a communicator. Which means, I communicate across all channels throughout the world and also gladly assist others along the way. The reason for this can maybe be found in my choice of career. Initially, I wanted to be a teacher, then… Continue reading Uwe Schmidt, interviewed by German Netzwirtschaft.Net (Digital Workouts)

The World Cup Final Interview

By Uwe Schmidt - Industrie-Contact • Public Relations Agency

Germany vs. Argentina   Industrie-Contact CEO, PRGN President and football/soccer addict Uwe Schmidt from Germany, has interviewed the head of the Argentinean PRGN partner agency Identia PR, Dominique Biquard, about the upcoming World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro.   Uwe: Dominique, the 2 football super powers Argentina and Germany play the World Cup final… Continue reading The World Cup Final Interview