How much do PR services cost?

This varies per client and their needs. It is important to understand the difference between a retainer fee structure and an hourly rate, however. A retainer does not mean you will get unlimited hours from your PR agency. Do not expect it either. It simply means that you are purchasing a sum of hours from ... Read More

How can I measure my PR success?

When beginning a new client/agency relationship, define what success looks like right away. From the gate, make sure you agree on specific goals that can be measured along the way. Have an honest conversation about your needs and work with your agency to define how you are going to get there – together. Things you ... Read More

Why should I hire a PR agency?

Agencies are beneficial to clients because of their expertise in a wide range of communications services. For instance, PRGN agencies can provide services in crisis management, media relations, event and campaign planning, product and brand launches, social media and marketing, reputation management, influencer campaigns, content creation and more to clients.