The use of influencers is now a crucial element in every communications and PR agency. Over the latest years, influencer marketing has won the trust of consultants and their customers, but as with most trends, we run the risk of underestimating its complexity.

“She has 70k followers on Instagram. How can’t she be perfect?”

When utilizing influencer marketing, keep in mind these important tips to setting a proper strategy and avoiding wasted time and negative reputation.

  1. Followers are not everything.

The goal of every good marketing operation is certainly to strengthen and enlarge the current market share. However, if an influencer with millions of followers is appealing to such a wide audience, it’s important to review the actual quality of this community for your personal business. Even though influencers may have the ability to orient a large segment of their followers to an initial purchase, how many of them would further their interest and investment in your product? What would be the loyalty rate at the end of the day for your company? An influencer aligned with your company’s mission grants you access to a targeted community that resonates with your key messages and, as a result, establishes a greater loyalty rate.

  1. Allow them to experience your brand.

Social media influencers can often seem far off in their own social media worlds, but their business emanates from a deeper interest in visual storytelling. Let influencers try your product. Invite them to events and introduce initiatives that refresh their enthusiasm. This will guarantee a certain authenticity to their experience, resulting in higher online public engagement.

  1. Promote co-creation.

Every community sees its top social media influencers as models for a better lifestyle and it’s important to nourish and add value to their exciting way of life. Allowing influencers to actively participate in and contribute to your current PR initiatives will generate Insta worthy, realistic emotions and experience.

If you’ve carefully selected your influencers, content co-creation will reflect their lifestyle and your brand values, while boosting brand equity long term. Nobody knows their followers better than an influencer. As long as your agency can be professional and current with trends, it’s important to let influencers tell their own stories. Don’t be afraid to let them take risks because, after all, nobody earns 70k followers without being a little daring.

  1. Be human with humans.

When working with an influencer, avoid jumping straight into business, money and deadlines. Rely on mutual credibility and respect these individuals as professionals, because that’s exactly what they are. Influencer marketing will allow you easier access to community feedback, thus aiding your communication strategies.

To better put this into picture, here’s an example of how Sound PR has leveraged PR while working with influencers for The North Face.

Influencer marketing can offer the opportunity to create a unified message across multiple platforms. When used successfully, this tool will earn the hearts of the public, build trust and loyalty, and reach audiences in a seamless and consistent way.

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