Agencies : Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

To position as the leader in the online dating industry, while educating consumers about the benefits of online dating.


LCI educated consumers about the benefits of online dating, minimized fears by promoting safety factors and building trust in the brand. LCI positioned as the romance experts by creating a position within the company – VP of Romance. Using seasonal campaigns, LCI capitalized on media coverage providing interesting news angles. LCI, with the help of Dublin-based Sound PR, also implemented creative public relations strategies including movie and holiday tie-ins.


Resulting media coverage included placements in all major top tier media including The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, The New York Times, The TODAY Show, 48 Hours and more.’s valuation growth increased 1,100% in three years. New member users exceeded 300,000 per month with actual profiles (those entering data on exceeding 1.8 million. In one month alone, estimated dollar value of media placements exceeded $1 million.


“They’re the crème de al crème and the cream of the crop.  Yes they’re fun, they’re a barrel, they’re a monkey or more.  They’re a line and a story to open any door.  And, oh, to the doors we have walked through in TV land, print and radio, too.  A creative combustion when you can’t start a fire.  Wherever LCI goes, wherever they land, together we know we built a great brand.”–Trish McDermott,