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June 17 2016

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The Great EU debate

British citizens will vote on June 23 to either leave or remain in the European Union.  Sara Pearson, founder of Spider PR in London, argued recently for the “remain” vote. Her PRGN colleague Michael Diegelmann, founder of Wiesbaden-based cometis, (a consultancy focusing on financial and corporate communication), explains why he agrees with Sara.


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By Michael Diegelmann
I’ve traveled to and from the UK since the age of six. I love the British and especially their sense of humour (even though I’m aware that I will never fully understand it.) Their strong will to lead and ability to speak up if they believe something is wrong is something I truly admire.

To me, the European Union is the best thing that has ever been implemented for all Europeans. It opens up opportunities for everyone. Of course, the EU is not perfect and it never will be, just like any other system on this planet. But the fact that we need to adapt to global developments is obvious.

One of the biggest risks to change is that the freedom of speech is oftentimes misused by political and religious radicals. In the last few years we have seen an increase in rightwing radicalism globally. I sometimes see this attitude in people I know. I used to argue with them, but soon realised I was wasting my time when I learned they did not have valid points from which to argue. Many, in fact, were misled by radical media and sensational headlines.

So my response to the threat of an “out” vote which will end UK participation in the EU is to appeal to intelligent, informed people around the globe: Speak up support the “remain” vote.

The European Union is not only great for trade, but for the entire European economy, as well. If you don´t like certain aspects, fight for change but please do not destroy the union upon which our united Europe is built. Do not destroy the economic and social benefits it delivers to us all.


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More information

Official Website of cometis AG: www.cometis.de

“Brexit” on Wikipedia: United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union

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