Building a Communications Team: The Client Perspective

May 3 2024

A conversation with James Mowdy, corporate communications director for the Community Housing Opportunities Corporation

Building a team from an internal communications point of view can be challenging. What’s the best way to tackle this process? How do you select a team of consultants that can work together, support each other and leverage the total experience to create the best brand experience? And, how do you know you’re getting the right fit for the company?  Is an RFP really worth it?

In this podcast, we speak with James Mowdy, the corporate communications director for the Community Housing Opportunities Corporation to take a peek behind the curtain and find out how he assembled his communications team to find the right expertise to help achieve the CHOC mission.

Part of the process was determining what areas of expertise were needed. While the firm required a full-service agency, turning to the Los Angeles area partner of PRGN The Hoyt Organization, other services required specialized consultants – such as photography, specific content creation and digital production.

The end result was the assembling of a full-scale marketing team that not only covered all the bases, but provided a solid budget that allows the firm predictability of costs up front, yet the access to a team of specialists that are dedicated to creating a truly inspiring brand that supports the firm’s mission through quality results.

Tune in and listen to find out how to do this right. 

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