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PR Firms Today: Much More Than Clips

By Bill Southard - Southard Communications

There is no question that clients today expect results from their PR firms. For many this still means driving awareness through editorial news coverage, influencer reviews and executive interviews. For years, the bigger the monthly clip book the happier the client and while clients still want quantity and quality, the expectations clients now have with their...

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Reacting to Controversial Topics

By Abbie S. Fink, President - HMA Public Relations

The world continues to face wave after wave of controversial news stories and polarized opinions on a whole variety of issues — from guns, to abortion, to the nature of climate change, the presidential election, war.  The role of public relations is often to manage communication, to guide our executives on what to say and when....

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PRGN Hong Kong Conference Generates Ideas and More Business Collaborations

By Gabor Jelinek, Executive Director, PRGN

As members of the Public Relations Global Network have returned home from the most recent member meeting and conference in Hong Kong at the end of May, chances are increasing for more business collaborations among the 50+ agencies spread across six continents....

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Green Claims Directive: Re-establishing Trust in Sustainability Communication

By Martin Lucander, Partner - Aspekta AB

With the passing of the Green Claims Directive, the EU now picks up the gauntlet against corporate greenwashing. By laying down stringent rules for how companies may deploy claims about their sustainability, the intention is to eliminate the practices of greenwashing that for so long have been misleading consumers into making unsustainable choices....

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Building a Communications Team: The Client Perspective

By Leeza L. Hoyt, APR, - The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

A conversation with James Mowdy, corporate communications director for the Community Housing Opportunities Corporation

Building a team from an internal communications point of view can be challenging. What’s the best way to tackle this process? How do you select a team of consultants that can work together, support each other and leverage the total experience to create the best brand experience? And, how do you know you’re getting the right...

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Merger & Acquisition Communication Best Practices for Deal Success

By Brad Kostka - Roopco

M&A Stakeholder Communication Mapping

According to the Harvard Business Review, “70-90% of acquisitions are abysmal failures.” There are many reasons for this. One is a lack of clear, concise and timely communication. This can scuttle a deal or drive it off the rails after the transaction has closed....

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The Key to an Outstanding Sustainability Report

By Ariane Hofstetter - cometis AG

What Characteristics Define a Good Sustainability Report?

In this way, the sustainability report is much more than just a document. It serves as a key tool through which companies comprehensively inform their stakeholders about their sustainability policy, objectives, actions taken, and progress achieved....

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Sustainability Awards Offer Important Guidance for Companies and Stakeholders

By Michael Diegelmann - cometis AG

Many awards aiming to measure large companies’ ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance suffer from non-transparent jury selection processes. Meet the Integrity Star Award which presents a completely new approach and objectively evaluates companies against 4,000 criteria in their published sustainability reports....

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Embracing AI in Public Relations: A New Frontier

By Nick Leighton - NettResults Middle East

In the world of public relations and marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept but a present reality. With AI tools like ChatGPT, the industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in how communication strategies are developed and implemented.  Embracing AI involves a journey that will continue to open up new avenues for PR...

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The Intersection of Public Relations and Public Policy: A Strategic Approach

By Chip Taylor - Novitas Communications

At the intersection of public relations and public policy is an opportunity for communication professionals to exert considerable influence. Public policy decisions can impact our client businesses and organizations, making it imperative for PR and communications experts to understand how to navigate this terrain effectively. Although the legislative process can be arcane, skillful use of public...

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Media Training for an Evolving News Landscape

By David Wills - Media Profile

Media Interviews Present Opportunities

Working in communications for more than three decades, I have seen firsthand how a strong spokesperson can impact the narrative of a story – whether that’s establishing thought leadership and shifting perceptions about a specific issue, resetting a reporter’s pre-existing negative bias, or simply building brand awareness through great storytelling....

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The Value of a Global PR Network

By Gábor Jelinek, Executive Director

Independent PR agencies usually seek membership in a regional or global PR network primarily because they want to expand their reach and do more business. And while PRGN members share several millions of dollars’ worth of business every year, it’s important to highlight that such business deals or referrals do not happen from one day to...

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2024 PR Predictions: Technology and Global Trends Pose Tough Questions for Comms Pros

By Gábor Jelinek

Following a mixed year in 2023 marked by business challenges, geopolitical escalation and giant leaps in technology developments, 2024 will bring a spillover of all of these effects as well as fundamental questions on business and communications that companies, brands, and agency owners will have to work together to find new answers for....

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Commercial Brands in a Sustainability-Driven Business World…

By Alexandra Dinita, General Manager - Free Communication

The main role we have, as PR and communication consultants, is to advise and support our clients to build honest, truth-based communications. This is highly important for any communication area and it’s actually vital when we discuss about sustainability.  Because we all need higher moral choices in this strange world we live in today, after so...

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Amplify Your PR Wins

By Amanda Hill, Principal - Three Box Strategic Communications

Your audience’s attention is more fragmented than ever. We used to target seven touchpoints to reach the customer – now, it takes eight or nine. How do today’s PR teams keep up? Savvy PR leaders have learned to amplify their PR wins to get the biggest impact....

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Unlocking Revenue Potential with the Power of PR

By Michelle Lyng, CEO and Founder - Novitas Communications

Many people understand that public relations can drive reputation, but some struggle to recognize that public relations can drive revenue. More specifically, increasingly, we see PR playing a vital role in supporting the sales funnel, which is inherently more quantitative. There’s a need for education when discussing how PR can drive revenue....

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Navigating the New Normal: Insights on Post-Covid Events

By Frédéric François - Two cents

The Resurgence of Large-Scale Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we live, work, and interact with one another. One of the most profoundly affected areas has been events. From large-scale international conferences to intimate business meetings, the events industry faced unprecedented challenges and changes during the pandemic. In this week’s episode of PRGN Presents, I had the opportunity to...

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Embracing ESG in Investor Relations

By Joanne Chan, Managing Director - LBS Communications Consulting Ltd

Identifying corporate values from the three pillars of sustainability

In today’s financial landscape, the importance of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is inevitably rising. In particular, Hong Kong has experienced a notable shift towards this trend, propelled by more stringent regulations. Nevertheless, a significant challenge emerges: many listed companies in the city grapple with seamlessly integrating ESG into their investor relations strategies....

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How a Values-Aligned Mission is Good for Business

By Sean Dowdall, President - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

What is a values-aligned organization?

Growing up in a small town on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana, I was lucky to be surrounded by a strong community, including the consolidated Salish and Kootenai Native American Tribes. The Tribes’ goal was for their community to succeed by leading with their values. Over the years, the tribal organizations worked to both...

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Leadership Buy-In is Essential for PR and Communications Success

By Gilbert Manirakiza, Founder and CEO - The Newmark Group

Initiating Conversations with Executives

In the world of public relations and communications, having a seat at the table is essential, but who occupies that seat is equally critical. The active involvement of executive leaders and their understanding of the role of communication can significantly impact an organization’s brand reputation and success. By embracing storytelling, empowering executives, and implementing consistent messaging,...

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Unveiling the Power of PR-Legal Partnership

By Dominique Biquard, partner - IDENTIA / PR

Crafting Messages for the Present and Future

Being based in Buenos Aires, our agency’s collaboration with other firms in PRGN has proven invaluable for both national and international client companies. And as a partner at Identia PR, I’ve often witnessed the incredible synergy that arises from the PR-legal partnership, i.e., when PR and legal experts join forces. ...

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Transformation: Stepping out of Comfort and Embracing New Paradigms

By Bradly Howland - Alkemi Collective

Unpacking Transformation

As a leader in business and captain of a rapidly evolving agency in South Africa, I’ve found myself reflecting on the essence and nuances of transformation, especially in our current economic landscape. My beliefs and values that drive transformation in our business are based on a rich tapestry of experiences, not just from my South African...

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Event Sustainability — The Triple Bottom Line

By Danielle Dickinson, CMP, Senior Vice President, Events, - The Castle Group

The Evolution of Event Sustainability

There is a lot of chatter in the events industry around sustainability and how frameworks such as the triple bottom line (TBL) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors influence event planning. The triple bottom line leans into the impression a company makes on its people, profit, and the planet, while ESG uses a more specific...

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Navigating Changing Priorities in Business and Marketing

By Nick Leighton - NettResults Middle East

Talent Acquisition and Retention

I had another opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking podcast conversation on PRGN Presents. Abbie Fink from HMA Public Relations and I delved into the ever-changing priorities in business and marketing. ...

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“We Still Need to Fight Misinformation and Disinformation”

By David Wills - Media Profile

The slippery slope of misinformation and disinformation is getting steeper. And when you add politics to the mix, it’s like throwing oil on the slope, too. While I am encouraged that many people are adapting and learning to challenge what they read and hear, I believe this is a fight where those of us in the...

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Lobbying in Brussels

By Natacha Clarac - Athenora Consulting

First, you need to understand the complexity of the decision-making process

Brussels is the lobbying capital of Europe. Corporations – big and small – from various industries and from various countries – in and outside the European Union – try to participate to influence the making of the law. And it works. It is estimated that there are over 25,000 lobbyists working in the European Quarter. ...

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Communications in Israel: the Challenge

By Hanan Kamir - KAMIR

Israel is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. At just 75 years old, it has become a significant player in the global economy and a true contributor to the development of technology. Israel is known as the startup nation, with thousands of startups operating in a country of 9.5 million people. This, and many...

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Making Sure Your Public Relations Efforts Generate New Business

By Leeza L. Hoyt, APR - The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

Today, media relations outreach and social media programs are considered basic fundamentals in a public relations program, but in truth, they are just one component of a successful business strategy. Given public relations is an integral component in today’s business landscape, a strategic investment in communications efforts can drive results and help companies stand out in...

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Playing the Long Game in B2B Marketing

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

When you’re living in a material world, instant gratification is the name of the game and your business-to-consumer marketing approach should cater to its audience accordingly. However, when your focus is on B2B marketing, your clients’ services are the product and the purchasing process is not as simple as clicking “Add to Cart” nor should it...

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What to do When a Crisis Hits Your Business

By Nick Leighton - NettResults Middle East

Firstly, a business should acknowledge the crisis publicly.

When a crisis hits a business and affects its reputation, the response must be prompt, transparent, and effective. Here are the most important things a business should do when a crisis hits the media, affecting its reputation....

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The Role of Boards In Crisis Leadership

By Dwayne Alexander - Alexander PR

New White Paper Shares Expert Advice from Around the Globe

A crisis is often evaluated by how the CEO or Management handle it leaving out the important role of the board. There are common factors that come together to create bad habits but with improved communication you can avoid a dysfunctional board of directors....

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PR4.0 Has Arrived – Are You Ready For It?

By Andy See - Perspective Strategies

We have seen so much change in recent years. The world has rapidly shifted towards digital, and Industry 4.0 is sweeping across value chains of most if not all economic sectors. The age of PR (or Public Relations) 4.0 has arrived together with the massive shift to digital and social. PR4.0 is more than just about...

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Revolutionizing PR and Marketing: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Game

By Brad Kostka - Roopco

What is marketing artificial intelligence?

The marketing AI revolution is in the early stages. In order to avoid getting left behind, communications professionals need to be aware of the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are available to them, determine which ones can have the greatest impact on their business and start putting them to use....

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The Art of Communication in Challenging Times

By Ieva Naujalyte - Adverum

How should brands and corporations participate in the conversation when people are sensitive and divided?

Inflation is skyrocketing. Economies around the world are stalling. And on top of all this – we have a war in Europe. However you look at it, these are challenging times. Many people feel anxious about money, health, and their future; people are increasingly in a state of chronic stress because they face multiple crises....

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Why Every Company Will Need Good ESG Reporting

By Michael Diegelmann - cometis AG

It is five minutes to midnight, at least when it comes to sustainability and corporate reporting. We are living in a time where demands from several stakeholder groups – be it NGOs, customers, investors or governments – have never been higher. To give you an example: no one wants to buy a T-shirt that has been...

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