The Role of Boards In Crisis Leadership

March 23 2023

New White Paper Shares Expert Advice from Around the Globe

A crisis is often evaluated by how the CEO or Management handle it leaving out the important role of the board. There are common factors that come together to create bad habits but with improved communication you can avoid a dysfunctional board of directors.

Crisis leadership is best handled with a multidisciplinary approach. 

2023: The Perfect Storm?” is a white paper conceived and authored by our team at Alexander PR, with contributions from business and governance experts, including several PRGN members, in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Interestingly, it’s often not technical issues but communication skills and perceptions that get in the way – such as the collapse of the tech-sector backer Silicon Valley Bank after a bank run triggered by a convoluted, disastrously timed media release.

Common themes on crisis leadership that have emerged globally include:

  • Failing to develop or adhere to a coherent strategy
  • Trying to declare ‘crisis over’ too early
  • Acting without sober preparation and planning
  • Letting ego into the boardroom
  • Favouring short-term results over long-term objectives

I shared some additional thoughts on this topic on this week’s episode of PRGN Presents.

And if you’d like a free to copy of the white paper, you can get it here.

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Dwayne Alexander
Global Practice Leader, Alexander PR
Dwayne has nearly three decades’ experience in media and marketing. He holds a postgraduate honours degree in marketing (cum laude) and has international multimarket experience. After travelling to Australia, the Middle East, China and Africa, he developed a special interest in globally relevant content and effective communication. Dwayne enjoys sharing inspiring CEO and founder stories through interesting, rich and deep content shared across platforms – from opinion to podcast and video series, Wikipedia, TED Talks and international mainstream media. To that end, Dwayne has featured as a regular New Zealand Herald columnist (‘Inspired People’) interviewing business leaders, and he is especially interested in getting interesting and quality business stories over the line in the New Zealand and global media. It is not just coverage for the sake of it, but in-depth media stories that make a difference to the lives of companies, their people and their leaders. With senior leadership experience at NZME (as CEO of one of the Australasian digital companies with 200 staff across both countries) and Fairfax (Sunday Star-Times head of advertising and administration) as well as advertising agency and client (financial services marketing) under his belt, Dwayne’s corporate and multimedia experience ensures that if you are in need of a truly integrated communication and marketing strategy, he will be able to take you calmly through a step-by-step communication audit and programme that will assist you to leverage earned, owned and sponsored media to achieve your business objectives.

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