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Región LATAM - Iberoamérica

Denmark – A Business-Friendly Frontrunner in Technology, Green Energy and Life Sciences

By Christina Rytter - Scandinavian Communications

Business Environment in Denmark Denmark has earned a position as global leader in innovation due to its different business environment and culture. Today Denmark is particularly strong in information technology, renewable energy, sustainability, and life sciences – and also has a vibrant creative industry, encompassing design, fashion, architecture and media. Copenhagen, the capital city, is… Continue reading Denmark – A Business-Friendly Frontrunner in Technology, Green Energy and Life Sciences

Merger & Acquisition Communication Best Practices for Deal Success

By Brad Kostka - Roopco

According to the Harvard Business Review, “70-90% of acquisitions are abysmal failures.” There are many reasons for this. One is a lack of clear, concise and timely communication. This can scuttle a deal or drive it off the rails after the transaction has closed. Implementing a strategic communication plan will manage expectations, alleviate fears, and… Continue reading Merger & Acquisition Communication Best Practices for Deal Success

Helsinki, Finland – Growth Path Ahead

By Taru Tujunen - Ellun Kanat

Business Environment in Finland Finland has been crowned as the happiest country in the world seven times in a row. It has held this title since 2018 in the World Happiness Report. Many factors that contribute to this success are also very relevant for the business environment. At the heart is trust. Finland is built… Continue reading Helsinki, Finland – Growth Path Ahead

Ohio – Business Growth Fueled by Manufacturing & Healthcare

By Brad Kostka - Roopco

Ohio Boasts a Thriving Business Environment Marked by a diverse economy and a central geographic location in the U.S., Ohio’s business landscape is a prime destination for companies seeking growth and opportunity. Like many other Midwestern U.S. states, Ohio offers strong industry clusters, booming infrastructure and a supportive business environment focused on the value of… Continue reading Ohio – Business Growth Fueled by Manufacturing & Healthcare

Italy – Empowering Innovation with Food, Design, Fashion and Tech

By Alessandra Malvermi - Sound Public Relations

Business environment in Italy Italy’s business landscape blends tradition with innovation, anchored by SMEs and complemented by multinational branches, notably in Milan and Rome. Spanning sectors from food to fashion, design and logistics, Italy is also becoming a tech and startup hub supported by government incentives. This environment offers vast opportunities for storytelling in PR… Continue reading Italy – Empowering Innovation with Food, Design, Fashion and Tech

PRGN Adds Aspekta AB in Sweden, Expands Capabilities in Europe’s Nordic Region

Andy See Teong Leng

Enhancing its capabilities in Europe’s Nordic Region, the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced today it has added independent Sweden-based Aspekta AB to its global network. “The addition of Aspekta not only further expands PRGN’s global footprint, but also adds a team with valuable client experience to our global network,” said PRGN President Andy See.… Continue reading PRGN Adds Aspekta AB in Sweden, Expands Capabilities in Europe’s Nordic Region

Malaysia – The Future-Forward and Business Ready Market

By Andy See Teong Leng - Perspective Strategies

Business environment in Malaysia Malaysia, situated in Southeast Asia, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, bustling cities, and thriving industries. Malaysia’s robust financial and banking sectors, pro-business policies, well-developed infrastructure, and government support make it an easy place to conduct business. The country has received worldwide recognition by various international institutions including: Top country in… Continue reading Malaysia – The Future-Forward and Business Ready Market

The ESG Revolutionaries: Meet Five Innovators Building a Better Sustainable Future

By Michael Diegelmann - cometis AG

In a world increasingly aware of The urgent need for environmental preservation and social responsibility, businesses and organizations are stepping up to implement pioneering initiatives that go beyond profit-making. Embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, these innovative projects are driving sustainable change and shaping a more conscientious future for industries worldwide. Let us explore… Continue reading The ESG Revolutionaries: Meet Five Innovators Building a Better Sustainable Future

Chile – Recognized by Investors Around the World

By Valentina Giacaman - RumboCierto Comunicaciones

Business environment in Chile Chile is still one of Latin America’s most stable and prosperous nations, with strong regulations of its markets and great economy for the last 30 years. Many foreign companies choose Chile as a platform to invest in the Andes region. It has been recognized by investors around the world thanks to… Continue reading Chile – Recognized by Investors Around the World

India – Where Diversity Meets Dynamic Growth

By Sunil Puri - Mileage Communications - India

Public Relations in India’s Diverse Market India is fast becoming a crucial market for public relations. This is fueled by its fast-growing economy, diverse workforce, and dynamic consumer base, driven by a young population. Furthermore, the country’s diverse regions sometimes necessitate a hyper-local communications approach, sensitive to each region’s languages and ethnic requirements. Cultural, geopolitical,… Continue reading India – Where Diversity Meets Dynamic Growth

Beijing, China – Immense Opportunities for Business

By Shawn Jiang Xiaofeng - China Advocate

Business environment in China China, with its vast geographical area and diverse development, offers immense opportunities for businesses. The Chinese market by GDP is as massive as the European Union, with territory twice the size of EU countries combined. From the bustling megacities of Beijing and Shanghai to the rapidly developing towns in the inland,… Continue reading Beijing, China – Immense Opportunities for Business

Tel Aviv, Israel – Home of Dynamic Entrepreneurial Spirit

By Hanan Kamir - KAMIR

Business environment in Israel Tel Aviv, Israel, is home of dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Israel is a democratic state in the Middle East and boasts a vibrant business ecosystem. The country is currently facing a war that might have implications on its business industry, though the Israeli economy was in a very strong position when the… Continue reading Tel Aviv, Israel – Home of Dynamic Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tokyo, Japan – Premier Destination for Business

By Judy Kuramata - Integrate Communications

Business environment in Tokyo and Japan Beyond business, Tokyo’s cultural influence resonates globally, contributing to a thriving creative industry. Commitment to a high quality of life, safety, healthcare, and education establishes an ideal environment for businesses and residents alike. The tourism sector significantly boosts the economy, with millions of international visitors supporting hospitality, retail, and… Continue reading Tokyo, Japan – Premier Destination for Business

Crafting a Robust Communications Strategy to Propel 2024 Company Growth

By Nick Leighton, Owner & CEO - NettResults Middle East

A well-orchestrated communications strategy is pivotal for fostering company growth in today’s competitive business landscape. Now is the time to plan for 2024. If you can get your planning right today, you’ll have an aligned brand message with business objectives, enhance visibility, and be able to build enduring relationships with your audience. If you think… Continue reading Crafting a Robust Communications Strategy to Propel 2024 Company Growth

PRGN 2023 Best Practice Awards: Record Entries and Awards Gala in San Francisco


The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced winners of its 2023 Best Practice Awards at an awards gala ceremony held at the FANG Restaurant in San Francisco and attended by more than 30 member agencies from across the globe. In 2023, 37 PRGN member agencies submitted 154 entries – the highest number of entries ever… Continue reading PRGN 2023 Best Practice Awards: Record Entries and Awards Gala in San Francisco

Navigating the New Normal: Insights on Post-Covid Events

By Frédéric François - Two cents

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we live, work, and interact with one another. One of the most profoundly affected areas has been events. From large-scale international conferences to intimate business meetings, the events industry faced unprecedented challenges and changes during the pandemic. In this week’s episode of PRGN Presents, I had the opportunity… Continue reading Navigating the New Normal: Insights on Post-Covid Events

How to Best Leverage Social Media to Reach B2B Decision-Makers

By Natalie Ghidotti, CEO - Ghidotti

While the vast landscape of social media provides a multitude of opportunities for your business to connect with its audience, publishing content without a clear strategy won’t capture the attention of the ones who truly matter to your business. Successfully leveraging social media to reach B2B decision-makers begins with identifying where they are most active… Continue reading How to Best Leverage Social Media to Reach B2B Decision-Makers

Key KPIs to Measure ESG Performance

By Etienne Vioget - Cabinet Privé de Conseils, S.A.

The rise of ESG reporting Over the past few years, awareness around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues has been on the rise among consumers, investors, policymakers, and the media. As a result, there is increasing demand for companies to measure and report on their ESG performance, enabling external stakeholders to assess their overall sustainability… Continue reading Key KPIs to Measure ESG Performance

PRGN Expands Asia-Pacific Presence with Addition of China Agency, China Advocate


NEW YORK / LONDON / HONG KONG -– The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced today it has added Beijing-based China Advocate to its global network. The addition raises the number of member agencies in the network to 56 and enhances PRGN’s coverage of the all-important Asia-Pacific region. “China is a priority market for us… Continue reading PRGN Expands Asia-Pacific Presence with Addition of China Agency, China Advocate

Top 5 PR Needs of a Tech Company

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

In a highly competitive business landscape, a company’s success depends not only on its innovative products and services but also on its effectiveness to communicate with its target audience. As a tech company, due to the complexities of the digital realm, truly understanding your audience and how to communicate with them is crucial. By narrowing… Continue reading Top 5 PR Needs of a Tech Company

Protect Your Reputation During Supply Chain Interruptions

By Erin Vogt, APR - Peritus PR

While talking with a friend about her job in supply chain management at a local steel company, she joked, “Before the pandemic, nobody even knew what supply chain management was. Now everyone knows.” Chances are you or your business has experienced the impact of unforeseen supply chain issues throughout the pandemic. Many industries’ supply chains… Continue reading Protect Your Reputation During Supply Chain Interruptions

President Andy See: a Good to Great Story for Comms and PRGN Ahead

By Gábor Jelinek

As 32nd President of the Public Relations Global Network, Andy See is also the first Asian president of one of the world’s largest networks of independent PR and communications agencies. A native of Malaysia and founder and principal partner of Perspective Strategies in Kuala Lumpur, Andy started his one-year service at PRGN’s Member Meeting and… Continue reading President Andy See: a Good to Great Story for Comms and PRGN Ahead

Six Ways Marketing and PR Leaders Can Avoid Burnout

By Nick Leighton - NettResults Middle East

Managing a team of marketing and PR professionals can be stressful. Depending on your role, you’re likely responsible for the team’s performance and outcomes, tracking the ROI of PR campaigns, monitoring online and public sentiment and scrutiny of your client, and coordinating the accurate and effective execution of press releases or other critical communications. This… Continue reading Six Ways Marketing and PR Leaders Can Avoid Burnout

Playing the Long Game in B2B Marketing

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

When you’re living in a material world, instant gratification is the name of the game and your business-to-consumer marketing approach should cater to its audience accordingly. However, when your focus is on B2B marketing, your clients’ services are the product and the purchasing process is not as simple as clicking “Add to Cart” nor should… Continue reading Playing the Long Game in B2B Marketing

PR Predictions 2023: Tougher Markets, More Strategic Roles and New Opportunities Await Communicators

By Gábor Jelinek

Ethics and transparency, AI and innovations, ESG agenda and constant crisis mode – these are some of the key trends that will shape 2023 for brands and communicators, say PRGN’s leading global communications experts in our annual collection of PR predictions. As the end of the year approaches, PRGN is asking every December its member… Continue reading PR Predictions 2023: Tougher Markets, More Strategic Roles and New Opportunities Await Communicators

PRGN 2022 Best Practice Awards: Agencies Win Big in Singapore


The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced winners of its 2022 Best Practice Awards at an awards gala ceremony held at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore and attended by more than 30 member agencies from across the globe. In the 11th year of PRGN’s awards program, 32 member agencies submitted more than 100… Continue reading PRGN 2022 Best Practice Awards: Agencies Win Big in Singapore

How to Build Successful Communications Plans for 2023

By Valentina Giacaman - RumboCierto Comunicaciones

The past few years have brought previously unseen challenges for societies globally – pandemic, war, inflation and increasing social demands and tensions. Communications professionals will have to take these new factors into account when advising their clients on day-to-day activities as well as when drafting communications plans.  Increasingly, it is not the communications theory behind,… Continue reading How to Build Successful Communications Plans for 2023

How to Put the Creative Into Public Relations

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

The practice of public relations requires a variety of skills: strategy, communication, analytics and creativity. All of these components blend to create a colorful, evocative, engaging and informative landscape. Those who excel in the strategic and analytical side may not have the same natural aptitude when it comes to creativity, and even the best strategy… Continue reading How to Put the Creative Into Public Relations

Five Key Takeaways From Top Brands’ ESG Reports

By Tori Pishkula - Roopco

Over the past few years, companies have been ramping up their efforts to create a more sustainable planet. This includes everything from reducing waste at manufacturing plants, finding innovative ways to cut back on plastic use, and even devoting time to giving back to the community. In today’s market, many consumers go out of their… Continue reading Five Key Takeaways From Top Brands’ ESG Reports

How Companies Should Prepare – and Why Start Now – for A Successful CES 2023

By Jim Bianchi - Bianchi Public Relations, Inc.

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about your company’s plans for CES 2023.  Primed for a big comeback this year, the show is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Jan. 5-8, 2023, with Media Days Jan. 3-4. CES is the most influential tech event in the world, bringing together companies, including… Continue reading How Companies Should Prepare – and Why Start Now – for A Successful CES 2023

Dissolving the Myth: How Public Relations Helps Brands Sell

By Brad Kostka - Roopco

Every organization, business and brand relies heavily on its public reputation for success. Publicity gives brands the power to reach a large audience and share their stories with the world. By leveraging the art of public relations (PR), brands gain access to a powerful tool that can help them reach their goals—from building greater brand… Continue reading Dissolving the Myth: How Public Relations Helps Brands Sell

New EU Sustainability Reporting Rules Ask EU and U.S. Companies for More Data on Operations

By Michael Diegelmann - cometis AG

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) by the European Union points to a dilemma that financial market participants (FMPs) might also face in the U.S. If FMPs, who primarily focus on small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), have to report on the sustainability performance of the companies they work with, they might not be able to… Continue reading New EU Sustainability Reporting Rules Ask EU and U.S. Companies for More Data on Operations

10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn in B2B Communications

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

Regardless of your industry, social media can be a powerful tool for a company of any size to market its products and services to other businesses. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might be the most common platforms mentioned in day-to-day interactions, but LinkedIn is the most relevant for B2B communication. A recent survey conducted by HubSpot… Continue reading 10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn in B2B Communications

A Global, European and German Perspective on the Latest ESG Reporting Standards

By Michael Diegelmann - cometis AG

Companies are increasingly expected to report in detail and comprehensively on their material, non-financial sustainability information. The pressure comes from various sides, especially from investors and politics. Among current developments making new sustainability reporting standards to become legally binding, the recently created International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) should… Continue reading A Global, European and German Perspective on the Latest ESG Reporting Standards

Using Blockchain for ESG to Build Trust

By Mark Hazlin - Xenophon Strategies, Inc.

One of the primary problems with ESG reporting is trust. Because there are no universal standards by which companies report their sustainability efforts, investors and stakeholders must rely on the word of the reporting company to a significant degree.  New blockchain technologies, however, bring an added level of transparency, verifiable evidence, and therefore credibility, to… Continue reading Using Blockchain for ESG to Build Trust

Four Ways Businesses Can Leverage Mobile for B2B Marketing

By Brad Kostka - Roopco

It’s no secret that mobile devices have taken the world by storm, with more people communicating and consuming content on them each day. In fact, the average person in the United States spends 5.4 hours on their mobile devices daily. However, this increased mobile usage isn’t just limited to consumers. With an estimated 70% of… Continue reading Four Ways Businesses Can Leverage Mobile for B2B Marketing

PRGN 2021 Best Practice Awards: Top Winners Represent All Three Regions


The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced winners of its 2021 Best Practice Awards today in an online Awards Gala ceremony attended virtually by member agencies from across the globe. In the tenth year of PRGN’s awards program, member agencies submitted close to 110 entries on client work, agency promotion and campaigns into 22 categories,… Continue reading PRGN 2021 Best Practice Awards: Top Winners Represent All Three Regions

How Earned Media Supercharges Search

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

Even with a steady dose of blog posts, podcast episodes and social media updates, no content marketing strategy is complete without the addition of earned media. With that third party validation tempering any skepticism of marketing tactics or spin, media coverage in news or trade outlets can be a powerful tool for your business. Brand… Continue reading How Earned Media Supercharges Search

How to Use Polling for More Effective PR Communication?

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

Let’s be honest: Not every client has a compelling story to tell if you look just at their products or services. So, a little investment in a poll or survey can help raise their profile as a thought leader and relevant voice in their respective industry. But there are a few caveats to observe so… Continue reading How to Use Polling for More Effective PR Communication?

5 Simple Ways to Boost Visibility of a Stock

By Valentina Giacaman - RumboCierto Comunicaciones

Corporate stocks have seen a rollercoaster year due to Covid-19, political turmoil and social unrest all impacting market sentiments. And now news on the vaccines have arrived and are spreading hope on the stock markets again. How can publicly traded companies – especially midcaps and small firms not sitting on large marketing budgets – keep… Continue reading 5 Simple Ways to Boost Visibility of a Stock

Real Estate Communications: Add Color to Concrete

By Uwe Schmidt - Industrie-Contact • PR Agency in Germany

PR for real estate projects should always be focused on ensuring that clients sell properties. Our clients sell luxury properties as second homes abroad. In addition to traditional PR tools, we have used numerous tactics in past years to further improve the results of our work and help the sales process. For the moment, some… Continue reading Real Estate Communications: Add Color to Concrete


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