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Italy – Empowering Innovation with Food, Design, Fashion and Tech

By Alessandra Malvermi - Sound Public Relations

Business environment in Italy

Italy’s business landscape blends tradition with innovation, anchored by SMEs and complemented by multinational branches, notably in Milan and Rome. Spanning sectors from food to fashion, design and logistics, Italy is also becoming a tech and startup hub supported by government incentives. This environment offers vast opportunities for storytelling in PR and marketing, merging craftsmanship with...

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From Brand Purpose to Brand Activism: Time to Act

By Giulia Serazzi - Sound Public Relations

“Between saying and doing there is the sea,” says a well-known proverb. This quote can be applied to today’s brands as they are called to cross this sea and take their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to a new level by developing brand activism strategies that mark the transition from storytelling to storydoing....

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From Sport to Corporate Storytelling

By PRGN Admin

However, there is still a lot of confusion around the definition of storytelling that, just to clarify, does not consist in communicating the chronological history of a brand or product. Storytelling aims at creating a narrative universe around them while generating value that can be identity-making, social or economic....

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