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Mastodon: The Social Network Alternative to Twitter?

By Maria Giulia Serazzi and Micael Chimienti - Sound Public Relations

How the Largest Free, Open-Source and Decentralized Microblogging Network in the World Works

As a result of Elon Musk’s interest in acquiring Twitter, and despite some hesitation about the examination of fake accounts, the name of another social network has been bouncing for months, so that it would represent the ethical alternative to the most used microblogging platform to date....

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The Return of Newsletters

By Chiara Dovere - Sound Public Relations

A traditional communication tool ended up in the shadows, thanks to the advent of social media, but newsletters are back and are on the rise again....

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Clubhouse: Voice-Based Communications Returns as a Key Element in Building Relations

By Giulia Serazzi - Sound Public Relations

From podcasts to Clubhouse, new communication trends are putting oral culture back at the center of communications and public relations....

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Female leadership and PR: What have they in common?

By Alessandra Malvermi - Sound Public Relations

The most recent research studies on leadership share the image of a future increasingly characterized by skills that have socially and historically belonged to the females. The old “command-economy” mentality by Henry Ford is now outdated and overtaken by the modern working organization, inspired by values such as active listening, empathy, sharing, delegation and inclusion. Organizations,...

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From Sport to Corporate Storytelling

By PRGN Admin

However, there is still a lot of confusion around the definition of storytelling that, just to clarify, does not consist in communicating the chronological history of a brand or product. Storytelling aims at creating a narrative universe around them while generating value that can be identity-making, social or economic....

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