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Public Relations Can and Does Change the World

By Ed Stevens - ROOP & CO.

Some of the most famous case studies prove how public relations changes behavior. Companies with poor reputations are respected again. Warring factions make peace and live in harmony. Recalled product lines return to the shelf. PR can really does have the power to change the world. There are case studies everywhere where PR has made… Continue reading Public Relations Can and Does Change the World

The Virtuous Cycle in the PR Industry

By Boh Tiong Yap - Mileage Communications - India

The Mileage Communications Group celebrates its 28th anniversary in 2020. On this occasion, I am especially proud of what our group has contributed to the PR industry in Singapore and the profound impact we have made in nurturing creative young minds for our profession. Over the years, our Singapore headquarters has taken in numerous interns… Continue reading The Virtuous Cycle in the PR Industry

Missing Sports – Just as Much as Working on It

By Robin Carr - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

There are a lot of things in the world more important than sports, as we so clearly realize now more than ever in the middle of a global pandemic, but I’ve still got to say: I miss the games, the golf, the French Open. Most of us will dearly miss the Olympics. Who won the… Continue reading Missing Sports – Just as Much as Working on It

Is a College Degree Necessary to Work in PR?

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

Don’t expect a big surprise when reading our answer to this question: No, a formal certificate of any kind of curriculum is definitely not necessary to work and survive in PR – as many agency owners, pr managers and employees without a degree can tell you from their experience. But having said this, of course,… Continue reading Is a College Degree Necessary to Work in PR?

Public Relations Global Network Adds PR Agency Offices in India and Georgia


The Castle Group expands and adds its Atlanta, Georgia team to PRGN; Mileage Communications grows its presence and adds its New Delhi, India location into the network NEW YORK – January 15, 2019– The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced today that it has added two new locations to its global network, raising the number… Continue reading Public Relations Global Network Adds PR Agency Offices in India and Georgia

Keeping an eye on the competition

By Mark Paterson - Currie

So, how do you keep an eye on your competitors?   One of the best and easiest ways to keep watch is to audit your competitors’ communications. It requires you (or your agency) to keep an eye on (as well as an ear out) for what they are saying. The right places to look and… Continue reading Keeping an eye on the competition

Why should blogging be a part of your PR strategy?

By Akvilė Vžesniauskaitė - Adverum

Nowadays, PR is much more than media relations, press releases or launch events. PR becomes a modern combination of classical and new communication trends – integrated, 360 degree PR strategy including visuals, digital solutions, and, of course, blogging. Blogs fit the taste of those who are looking for interesting pieces of news, non-traditional recommendations or… Continue reading Why should blogging be a part of your PR strategy?

Win December with These End-of-Year PR Tips

By Ed Stevens

Here some ways to end 2018 on a high note. Publish your end-of-the-year report. Share your 2018 successes with your clients and staff. Provide a Share of Voice report to display how your efforts compared to Brand X. What other tracking will your client appreciate? Provide it. Pursue that elusive media outlet. So your client… Continue reading Win December with These End-of-Year PR Tips

What’s in store for PR in 2019?

By David Landis - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

It’s that time of year. We’re all finishing up the current year while looking towards the future, gazing into our all-knowing crystal balls. And in our industry, that means looking at what’s in store for the field of public relations in 2019. I took the liberty of asking my friends and colleagues at the Public… Continue reading What’s in store for PR in 2019?

Ten Questions With Bradly Howland: An Audio Podcast

By Paul Konrardy

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode of the PRGN Leadership Roundtable blog series of “Ten Questions,” we mix it up by bringing you an audio interview between Bradly Howland of HWB Communications in Cape Town, South Africa and Paul Konrardy of Evans Larson Communications in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bradly shares the glories of Cape Town… Continue reading Ten Questions With Bradly Howland: An Audio Podcast

Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Selects its First Executive Director

By Aaron Blank - Fearey

Bucharest, Romania – November 8, 2018 – The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced the appointment of Gábor Jelinek as its inaugural Executive Director at its fall meeting held in Bucharest, Romania in late October, and recognized its member agencies with awards for the best communications campaigns in the past year. As PRGN’s new Executive… Continue reading Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Selects its First Executive Director

Ten Questions with Márk Németh

By Leslie Dagg - Bianchi Public Relations, Inc.

Name: Márk Németh Title: Head of Consumer PRGN Agency: Goodwill Communications Years at your agency: 7 Why did you choose to enter PR? I was working as a journalist at a print business daily when the world financial crisis hit. The editorial staff shrank and I found I had less time for the part of… Continue reading Ten Questions with Márk Németh

Where is PR going in Turkey?

By Çınar Ergin - Aristo Communications

A murmur has begun to rise about the decline of the public relations industry in Turkey. Agencies are losing blood, teams are getting cut in half, and revenues are plummeting. There are question marks lingering in the Turkish economy, including the rise in currency exchange prices and the potential outcome of elections. The fundamental problem… Continue reading Where is PR going in Turkey?


By C.L. Conroy - The Conroy Martinez Group

Nobody is more strongly positioned to create long-term, sustainable change than companies. According to a 2016 PwC Global CEO survey, 64% of CEOs say that “corporate social responsibility (CSR) is core to their business rather than being a stand-alone program.” The Survey interviewed 1,409 CEOs in 83 countries with 76% defining business success by more… Continue reading WHY CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR BRAND

7 PR Tips On Turning The Tide On Consumer Distrust

By Sheena Campbell-Royle

We came from a world where selling a product or service was all about how you positioned yourself and how you ‘sold’ your company, through advertising, marketing and PR where you told people what you thought they should know about your product. It was really all about you and how good you were. Now we… Continue reading 7 PR Tips On Turning The Tide On Consumer Distrust

Integrating Your Marketing and PR Strategies

By C.L. Conroy - The Conroy Martinez Group

There used to be a way to reach your target market with just a few touch points. Send out a press release. Produce an event. Sponsor a program. According to the Online Marketing Institute, it now takes 7-13 touches to reach a potential customer. Today’s consumers are immune to traditional marketing, PR and advertising strategies.… Continue reading Integrating Your Marketing and PR Strategies

9 Reasons Why Every Company Should Invest in PR

By Anne A. Buchanan, APR - Buchanan Public Relations

Public relations has long been a powerful marketing tool for companies. In today’s digital environment, its impact is greater than ever. Here are nine reasons why every company should be investing in PR: 1. Allows a company to own and manage its narrative. Companies that fail to invest in PR are essentially ceding their narrative… Continue reading 9 Reasons Why Every Company Should Invest in PR

5 Ways to Know If Working in the PR Industry is Right for You

By Lauren Reed, APR - REED Public Relations

As an industry, public relations has experienced our fair share of PR. Popular TV shows like “Mad Men” and “Sex and The City” have bolstered PR’s reputation as a career path lined with celebrity parties, free swag and other VIP perks. While many of us do frequently work on cool projects with major brands and… Continue reading 5 Ways to Know If Working in the PR Industry is Right for You

Ten Questions with Mark Hazlin

By Jorge Martinez - The Conroy Martinez Group

Name: Mark Hazlin Title: Senior Vice President PRGN Agency: Xenophon Strategies, Inc. (Washington, DC, USA) Xenophon Strategies is a full-service strategic communications firm based in Washington, DC, specializing in PR, public affairs, and crisis response. Years at the Agency: 12 1. You were a journalist in your prior life. What made you jump to the… Continue reading Ten Questions with Mark Hazlin

Reveal the Client’s True Problem In Order to Develop a Resolution

By Alexandra Dinita - Free Communication

We live in amazing times today, we are so digitized and so technologically advanced that the beginning of my PR career 20+ years ago seems to be in another life. I remember sending press releases by fax and communicating very important issues via pagers. No mobile phones, no blogs, no Facebook, no Twitter, but a… Continue reading Reveal the Client’s True Problem In Order to Develop a Resolution

PRGN at 25 – Change is the Only Constant in PR

By Brianne Murphy Miller - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

Public Relations Global Network was founded 25 years ago to expand local knowledge into a communications provider that can serve clients in multiple markets. Like-minded independently owned and operated firms gathered together to share best practices, win worldwide business and enjoy the camaraderie of peers. But a lot has changed in the industry since then…… Continue reading PRGN at 25 – Change is the Only Constant in PR

A Case Study for a Case Study

By Abbie Fink - HMA Public Relations

It is a common request from potential clients to see a Public Relations case study of work comparable to what you are recommending to them. But what exactly are they looking for? Strategy, deliverables, measurement? Of course, but how best to provide that information without overwhelming and oversharing. Case studies are a great way to… Continue reading A Case Study for a Case Study

Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Media Survey Reveals Growing Pressure on Reporters to Perform on Social Media

By Kent Barrett - The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

Survey also offers fresh insights into how reporters vet and work with high-profile interview sources LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – Nov. 28. 2017 – Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the largest international networks of independent public relations agencies, announced today the results of a worldwide media survey that finds increasing pressure on reporters to… Continue reading Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Media Survey Reveals Growing Pressure on Reporters to Perform on Social Media

Delving into PR: Which Model Works Best for your Company?

By Leeza Hoyt, APR - The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

The debate between the DIY model vs. in-house vs. hiring a PR agency Anytime a company expands their marketing outreach efforts, no doubt there will be a great deal of discussion on which way to go. Should we hire a public relations/social media firm? Perhaps we should investigate hiring a freelancer? What about keeping it… Continue reading Delving into PR: Which Model Works Best for your Company?

A PRGN Exchange: Takeaways from Two Agencies

By Laura Vinci & Tori Ross

NYC to Nashville Laura Vinci, CooperKatz How does five days spent in Nashville benefit the way we do business in New York City? From an event-planning lunch at O’Charley’s (including samples!) to Wine Wednesday meetings to PRSA networking events, this woman from the Big Apple got a chance to experience how things are done in… Continue reading A PRGN Exchange: Takeaways from Two Agencies

Launching a New Company? Make Sure PR is in your Toolbox

By Leeza L. Hoyt, APR - The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

You’ve got the idea. Your business plan is in place. The financing is ready to roll. Now you’re ready to launch. Let the media tour begin, right? Wrong. In today’s world, launching a new company isn’t just a news release or even a media tour. There are simply too many new companies and products are… Continue reading Launching a New Company? Make Sure PR is in your Toolbox

Should I Advertise on Podcasts?

By Greg Bortkiewicz - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

I’m a huge podcast fan – they’ve made my hour-long commute each morning not only bearable, but enjoyable. Whether I’m in the mood to be informed or entertained, there is a podcast for everything and I’ve become a loyal subscriber to a handful of shows (shout out to ‘Four Finger Discount’ the podcast that reviews… Continue reading Should I Advertise on Podcasts?

Doing PR in Austria – some hints to maximise success in a special Central European market

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

Austria is among the world’s most stable and prospering economies, but its media landscape is comparatively small. If you can’t convince a handful of relevant journalists to tell your story to their audiences, you’re lost because you don’t have many alternative ways to go. So when you are trying to use traditional media channels for… Continue reading Doing PR in Austria – some hints to maximise success in a special Central European market

Mastering PR in the LA Market: Five Tips to Becoming an Insider

By Leeza Hoyt, APR - The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles boasts both the second largest media market and the third busiest airport in the United States – and there is a lot more to La La Land.  We also have a diverse, multi-ethnic population that makes us a cultural hub – with people from more than 180… Continue reading Mastering PR in the LA Market: Five Tips to Becoming an Insider

Global PR – Networking Across the World While Staying in One Spot

By Chris Guizlo - Fearey

You always hear how important networking within your field is to finding a group of peers and mentors that can share experiences and best practices. The Fearey Group is lucky to get in-person access to more than 50 other independent agencies every year as a member of the Public Relations Global Network. PRGN, heading into… Continue reading Global PR – Networking Across the World While Staying in One Spot

Bloody Incident Will Haunt United Airlines

By David Fuscus - Xenophon Strategies, Inc.

The now famous United Airlines debacle of a bloodied passenger being dragged off a plane will resurface in news stories about United for years. Virtually everyone has seen the video of the crisis, from school children to captain of industries and because of it, they are paying a lot more attention to United. What could United… Continue reading Bloody Incident Will Haunt United Airlines

From Sport to Corporate Storytelling


In recent times, we have heard a lot about “Storytelling”, the art of using stories to communicate and connect with target audiences. Born as a purely journalistic narrative method, this set of techniques and specific skills has evolved to establish itself as a real discipline. However, there is still a lot of confusion around the definition of… Continue reading From Sport to Corporate Storytelling

PRGN continues global expansion in Q3 2013

By Uwe Schmidt - Industrie-Contact • Public Relations Agency

Member agencies worldwide acquired 51 new clients from 21 sectors in total Media relations, crisis communications and strategic counselling are what clients ask for most Los Angeles, USA, Frankfurt, Germany (December 19, 2013) — The member agencies of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the world’s leading networks of independent public relations consultancies,… Continue reading PRGN continues global expansion in Q3 2013

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