A Case Study for a Case Study

December 5 2017

It is a common request from potential clients to see a Public Relations case study of work comparable to what you are recommending to them. But what exactly are they looking for? Strategy, deliverables, measurement? Of course, but how best to provide that information without overwhelming and oversharing.

Case studies are a great way to present your agency in a positive light. They describe how a client’s business has benefited from your agency and shows a real-life example of how you were able to help a client achieve their important communications goals.

Most case studies will follow a similar format:

• Research and Situational Analysis: Identify the circumstances facing your client, the competition, and other factors that may impact your efforts. What research was conducted regarding the situation and how public relations strategies will be applied.
• Planning: What strategies and tactics will be deployed in this effort? How much time was spent in developing and implementing the campaign? What are the key messages and deliverables that will be considered? How will you measure your success?
• Execution: A detailed overview of how the campaign was executed, including the timeline and budget.
• Results: What was the objective of the campaign? Did you accomplish it? What are the measureable results?
• Evaluation: What did the client learn from the whole experience? You can include quotes from your client, media or other influencers that were impacted by the campaign.

A few other things to consider:

• Include a descriptive title for the campaign case study.
• Avoid jargon and overused adjectives. Words like unique and one-of-a-kind have no real value.
• Include photography or other graphic elements.

And to ensure your case studies can be repurposed, be sure to include them on your agency’s website and share them in your social media channels.

Case studies not only add authenticity to your agency but are a clear demonstration of your ability to do the work proposed. When done correctly, a case study helps your prospective client see how you and your team would fit in with their company and how your approach to client service is just what they are looking for.