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Reacting to Controversial Topics

By Abbie S. Fink, President - HMA Public Relations

The world continues to face wave after wave of controversial news stories and polarized opinions on a whole variety of issues — from guns, to abortion, to the nature of climate change, the presidential election, war.  The role of public relations is often to manage communication, to guide our executives on what to say and when....

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PRGN 2023 Best Practice Awards: Record Entries and Awards Gala in San Francisco

By PRGN Admin

Winners of the 2023 PRGN Best Practice Awards by categories:

The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced winners of its 2023 Best Practice Awards at an awards gala ceremony held at the FANG Restaurant in San Francisco and attended by more than 30 member agencies from across the globe....

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Navigating Tumultuous Waters: Careless Companies Sink, Thoughtful Companies Swim

By Michelle Lyng - Novitas Communications

1. Is this issue authentic to our brand?

After the past few months of corporate missteps, it would be simple to advise companies to just keep their heads down and not engage in potentially controversial issues. But that’s not how PR folks roll.  ...

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How to Build Successful Communications Plans for 2023

By Valentina Giacaman - RumboCierto Comunicaciones

Be empathetic:

The past few years have brought previously unseen challenges for societies globally – pandemic, war, inflation and increasing social demands and tensions. Communications professionals will have to take these new factors into account when advising their clients on day-to-day activities as well as when drafting communications plans. ...

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Five Key Steps to Introducing Your Consumer Brand to a New Social Media Platform

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

Identify Your Goals for Growth on Social Media

In a digital world, use of social media is no longer optional for your brand to thrive. When approached with a strategic lens, it can boost your brand and expand your market, but that doesn’t all happen overnight. Before diving into a new social media platform, take some time to prepare. Be intentional with your efforts...

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Social Giving – How Should Corporations Approach It?

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

More and more enterprises acknowledge their responsibility to share their profits with the society in which they work and grow. It is not just a matter of “good consciousness”, but rather a step that is quite logical and well based in human everyday experience: Sooner or later you will need another one’s support and help, so...

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