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Holidays of The World: A Communicator’s Guide for Cultural Diversity

By Nick Leighton - NettResults Middle East

In an increasingly connected world, it’s critical for public relations, marketing, and communications specialists to understand the dynamics that exist when communicating across cultural lines. Throughout the year, billions of people celebrate hundreds of holidays, religious events, and festivals. Communications specialists need to understand how to effectively navigate and understand holidays of the world, especially… Continue reading Holidays of The World: A Communicator’s Guide for Cultural Diversity

Why Sustainable Development is Important to Business

By Mark Paterson - Currie

Something any public relations person or business can do today that will make a difference is to embrace sustainable development. The move will set them up as individuals or companies for success. Embracing sustainable development means understanding and reporting the social and environmental (non-financial) impacts and risks associated with a company’s operations. Soon, sustainability reporting… Continue reading Why Sustainable Development is Important to Business

How to Build Successful Communications Plans for 2023

By Valentina Giacaman - RumboCierto Comunicaciones

The past few years have brought previously unseen challenges for societies globally – pandemic, war, inflation and increasing social demands and tensions. Communications professionals will have to take these new factors into account when advising their clients on day-to-day activities as well as when drafting communications plans.  Increasingly, it is not the communications theory behind,… Continue reading How to Build Successful Communications Plans for 2023

Three Signals That Tell Your Company Builds the Right Employer Culture

By Gabrielle Vermeulen - Two cents

It is no secret that a positive employer culture and an appealing, transparent work atmosphere are more than ever essential conditions for accepting a job offer. Of course, an employee must be paid a fair wage for the work he or she does, but it is not only the amount of the salary that matters.… Continue reading Three Signals That Tell Your Company Builds the Right Employer Culture

The Key to Building Winning Brands Today and Tomorrow

By Andy See Teong Leng - Perspective Strategies

It is without a doubt that businesses and brands need to reinvent and reimagine for the future marketplace. Today, the purpose agenda dominates discussions in boardrooms. Importantly, the ability to communicate our corporate purpose well is very rewarding as it helps build trust and solidify relationships with investors, customers, employees and other key stakeholders. In… Continue reading The Key to Building Winning Brands Today and Tomorrow

7 Simple Steps to Developing a Crisis Communications Plan

By Brad Kostka - ROOP & CO.

As the global Covid-19 pandemic has so clearly demonstrated over the past few years, every organization—no matter its size or industry—is vulnerable to the ever-looming threat of a crisis. These threats can range from security breaches and product recalls, to natural disasters and workplace violence incidents. As PR professionals, we understand that a company’s response… Continue reading 7 Simple Steps to Developing a Crisis Communications Plan

The People Behind the Brands – Living Happily Ever After

By Alexandra Dinita - Free Communication

The relationship between organizations and professional communicators is a very complex and intimate one. It takes time for both parties to know and understand each other to achieve success. That’s why we should always aim for long-term partnerships, the kind that can be compared to a marriage. When you marry, you bind yourselves to a… Continue reading The People Behind the Brands – Living Happily Ever After

What is Old is New Again

By David Fuscus - Xenophon Strategies, Inc.

Over the past 20-plus years, no industry has been disrupted more by technology than public relations and communications. At the turn of the millennium, PR was largely earned media, working directly with journalists to spur stories or becoming a trusted source for inclusion in organic articles. Think about it. In 2000, most people got most… Continue reading What is Old is New Again

Five Key Takeaways From Top Brands’ ESG Reports

By Tori Pishkula - ROOP & CO.

Over the past few years, companies have been ramping up their efforts to create a more sustainable planet. This includes everything from reducing waste at manufacturing plants, finding innovative ways to cut back on plastic use, and even devoting time to giving back to the community. In today’s market, many consumers go out of their… Continue reading Five Key Takeaways From Top Brands’ ESG Reports

How Companies Should Prepare – and Why Start Now – for A Successful CES 2023

By Jim Bianchi - Bianchi Public Relations, Inc.

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about your company’s plans for CES 2023.  Primed for a big comeback this year, the show is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Jan. 5-8, 2023, with Media Days Jan. 3-4. CES is the most influential tech event in the world, bringing together companies, including… Continue reading How Companies Should Prepare – and Why Start Now – for A Successful CES 2023

What is Good Corporate Citizenship?

By Scott Hanson - HMA Public Relations

Being a good corporate citizen should be a part of every organization’s overall strategy. It starts at the top and isn’t something that should be approached in a haphazard way. Oftentimes, companies get involved in particular charities or causes because they have a direct connection to the CEO or other company leadership. Those initiatives are… Continue reading What is Good Corporate Citizenship?

New EU Sustainability Reporting Rules Ask EU and U.S. Companies for More Data on Operations

By Michael Diegelmann - cometis AG

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) by the European Union points to a dilemma that financial market participants (FMPs) might also face in the U.S. If FMPs, who primarily focus on small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), have to report on the sustainability performance of the companies they work with, they might not be able to… Continue reading New EU Sustainability Reporting Rules Ask EU and U.S. Companies for More Data on Operations

10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn in B2B Communications

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

Regardless of your industry, social media can be a powerful tool for a company of any size to market its products and services to other businesses. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might be the most common platforms mentioned in day-to-day interactions, but LinkedIn is the most relevant for B2B communication. A recent survey conducted by HubSpot… Continue reading 10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn in B2B Communications

Five Tips for Giving Media Interviews

By Jasleen Singh and Chiara Parma - Sound Public Relations

Even managers most prepared to speak in public and to meet the most varied stakeholders are often reluctant to speak with the media and do not know what to do when invited to give a media interview.  Whether the interview is a first time or an already familiar situation, success depends on several factors that… Continue reading Five Tips for Giving Media Interviews

Preparing for the AGM: How to Build a Compelling CEO Speech in Five Steps

By Erin Reese - ROOP & CO.

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to present a keynote speech on your area of expertise. Now comes the hard part — developing a presentation that will effectively engage and resonate with your audience. Whether you’re presenting to an audience of 25 or 2,500, you’ll want to ensure that your keynote speech hits the mark.   Below… Continue reading Preparing for the AGM: How to Build a Compelling CEO Speech in Five Steps

Using Blockchain for ESG to Build Trust

By Mark Hazlin - Xenophon Strategies, Inc.

One of the primary problems with ESG reporting is trust. Because there are no universal standards by which companies report their sustainability efforts, investors and stakeholders must rely on the word of the reporting company to a significant degree.  New blockchain technologies, however, bring an added level of transparency, verifiable evidence, and therefore credibility, to… Continue reading Using Blockchain for ESG to Build Trust

Why Sustainability Matters to Your Business – and What Can You Do About It?

By Mark Paterson - Currie

Nobody can foresee specific events or disruptions, however, there are trends and forces that shape the future. One of these is sustainability – or what investors call ESG. Sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by considering how an organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.  Sustainability (and ESG, which stands… Continue reading Why Sustainability Matters to Your Business – and What Can You Do About It?

Top 5 Corporate Crises in 2021 to Learn From

By Nick Leighton - NettResults Middle East

Remember the saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?” Well, that’s not entirely accurate. More and more, brands are seeing the impact of PR scandals and crises and how they impact their market positions. Depending on the circumstances, a crisis can cast a brand in a bad light, destroy a hard-earned reputation, and put… Continue reading Top 5 Corporate Crises in 2021 to Learn From

Social Giving – How Should Corporations Approach It?

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

More and more enterprises acknowledge their responsibility to share their profits with the society in which they work and grow. It is not just a matter of “good consciousness”, but rather a step that is quite logical and well based in human everyday experience: Sooner or later you will need another one’s support and help,… Continue reading Social Giving – How Should Corporations Approach It?

A New Approach for Media Relations

By Ward Vanhee - Two cents

It seems like ages ago, but when a public relations or marketing professional wanted to create buzz for their client or brand, they used to quickly fall back on media relations. These days, that’s not necessary the case. Thanks to the rise of the internet and social media, all media are being consumed differently and… Continue reading A New Approach for Media Relations

Companies-NGOs-PR Agencies – Creating the Perfect Alliance for Impactful Collaboration

By Irina Patru - Free Communication

Choosing the right NGO for a brand’s meaningful social project is a very important step – the first of many. The hard work continues by building and developing a long-term and sustainable relationship. For a deeper dive into the matter – and to get an authentic glimpse of the NGOs’ perspective – we have interviewed… Continue reading Companies-NGOs-PR Agencies – Creating the Perfect Alliance for Impactful Collaboration

How to Launch a Public Affairs Campaign If Your Brand Has Never Done It Before

By Mark Hazlin - Xenophon Strategies, Inc.

There’s a saying that there are two things you shouldn’t talk about at parties: religion and politics. That’s because talking about either one is liable to get you into hot water with people who might otherwise be your best friends.  Similarly, the decision for a brand to engage in a public affairs campaign—a political communications… Continue reading How to Launch a Public Affairs Campaign If Your Brand Has Never Done It Before

ESG Based Investing Faces Fast Development in Singapore

By Yui Seeng Cheng - Mileage Communications

In 2018, teenage Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg caused a worldwide sensation by protesting outside the Swedish parliament to raise awareness for climate change activism. Since then, a whole gamut of issues associated with the environment has constantly been in the spotlight.  It’s not just environmental concerns that are becoming increasingly critical, but a more… Continue reading ESG Based Investing Faces Fast Development in Singapore

Cause Related Marketing: Who Is It For And Why Should Your Company Invest In It?

By C.L. Conroy - The Conroy Martinez Group

Several years ago, an automobile insurance company came to our Miami PR Firm asking if we can market a bilingual literacy program for them. We were ecstatic! We had been trying to explain to several of our corporate clients the value of investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as Cause Related Marketing.  And… Continue reading Cause Related Marketing: Who Is It For And Why Should Your Company Invest In It?

Content Marketing at its Best

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

From its origin as a trendy new way to promote a brand, content marketing has grown into a versatile and easily customizable strategy to reach a highly targeted audience. Businesses and organizations across all industries now utilize content marketing to build brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation. However, it takes more than publishing a… Continue reading Content Marketing at its Best

The Return of Newsletters

By Chiara Dovere - Sound Public Relations

A traditional communication tool ended up in the shadows, thanks to the advent of social media, but newsletters are back and are on the rise again. Newsletters are now seen as the most suitable strategy for effective communication with consumers, especially in times of lockdown, according to the Talkwalker and Hubspot report on Social Media… Continue reading The Return of Newsletters

Why Your Company Should Get Involved in Social Justice Issues

By Mac Prichard - Prichard Communications

Over the last year, many companies have asked themselves: are we doing enough to address social justice issues that affect our customers and employees? And is it wise for brands to publicly take a stance on such issues? Leaders are understandably hesitant to step out of their comfort zone and court any kind of controversy.… Continue reading Why Your Company Should Get Involved in Social Justice Issues

How to Use Polling for More Effective PR Communication?

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

Let’s be honest: Not every client has a compelling story to tell if you look just at their products or services. So, a little investment in a poll or survey can help raise their profile as a thought leader and relevant voice in their respective industry. But there are a few caveats to observe so… Continue reading How to Use Polling for More Effective PR Communication?

The Best PR Can’t Replace Real Leadership

By Andy See - Perspective Strategies

At its core, PR is all about reputation management with stakeholders. People and brands rightly expect PR professionals to help them connect with important stakeholders, build meaningful relationships and effectively communicate the right messages to them.  However, many make the mistake that PR can help them solve a real leadership and business problem especially when… Continue reading The Best PR Can’t Replace Real Leadership

What Should PR Firms Be Prepared For In the Post-Covid Era?

By Alexandra Diniță - Free Communication

Over the past 15 months, the global pandemic has challenged mankind in so many ways, from our very existence to the way we do business, and thankfully, the worst part appears to be behind us. As life goes on, so is the need to communicate, promote, salvage, interact, advise, contain, create – connections, ideas, plans,… Continue reading What Should PR Firms Be Prepared For In the Post-Covid Era?

What Makes an Attorney a Good Source for the Media?

By Mikayla Ickes - Buchanan Public Relations

Pitching attorneys to the media as subject matter experts is an effective way to bring exposure to a particular law firm or practice. While pitch topics may not always be law-focused, partners can still bring a unique perspective to the media landscape while highlighting their expertise. However, depending on the size of the law firm,… Continue reading What Makes an Attorney a Good Source for the Media?

From Brand Purpose to Brand Activism: Time to Act

By Giulia Serazzi - Sound Public Relations

“Between saying and doing there is the sea,” says a well-known proverb. This quote can be applied to today’s brands as they are called to cross this sea and take their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to a new level by developing brand activism strategies that mark the transition from storytelling to storydoing. What is brand… Continue reading From Brand Purpose to Brand Activism: Time to Act

Five Key Campaign Reboot Elements For Tourism Brands After Covid-19

By Dominique Biquard - IDENTIA / PR

Tourism and hospitality are two of the most affected industries following the COVID-19 global crisis. Many jobs have disappeared, many companies have gone bankrupt, and many services no longer have a reason to exist. Today, a year later from the pandemic’s onset, we are struggling to adapt to this new normal. The hospitality and tourism… Continue reading Five Key Campaign Reboot Elements For Tourism Brands After Covid-19

SPAC Attack – What They Are, Why You Should Care and How Communications Plays a Role

By Brianne Miller - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

You can’t swing a unicorn these days without bumping into a SPAC conversation (sorry, bad Silicon Valley joke). In days of yore (pre-COVID), the technology PR world would hum with conversations about IPOs, vesting schedules and year-long plans for going public. Like everything else, things are different today. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t… Continue reading SPAC Attack – What They Are, Why You Should Care and How Communications Plays a Role

Public Relations Global Network Agencies Start 2021 With More Than 100 New Client Assignments


NEW YORK-LONDON – Member agencies of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) have reported an unprecedented surge of new business success in the first two months of 2021. Despite the global pandemic and its economic impacts worldwide, independent agencies prove resilient, agile and successful in expanding their business offering – an internal survey at PRGN… Continue reading Public Relations Global Network Agencies Start 2021 With More Than 100 New Client Assignments

What Most Companies Get Wrong When Doing Their First ESG Report

By Mark Paterson (Currie), Michael Diegelmann and Justus Fischer (cometis)

Doing your first ESG (environmental, social and governance) report is not as simple or straight-forward as it seems. In no way are we trying to deter you from producing your first ESG report. It is one of the most important reports a company does for responsible investors and key stakeholders. Yet, our experience with first-time… Continue reading What Most Companies Get Wrong When Doing Their First ESG Report

The Five Crises to Watch for in 2021

By Michelle Lyng - Novitas Communications

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year we’d all rather forget. While the vaccine proliferation in many parts of the world offers a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, public relations professionals should keep five potential crises in the back of their mind as we work to normalize again. Vaccine rollout… Continue reading The Five Crises to Watch for in 2021

Six Reasons Why Sustainability Matters for all Companies – and Two Common Mistakes They Should Avoid

By Michael Diegelmann and Justus Fischer - cometis AG

Sustainability is becoming more and more important: People are aware of global challenges like climate change, pollution and social inequality, and they discuss them and ask for solutions. It is clear that companies have a major impact on social and ecological issues, so the pressure on them to operate sustainably is increasing accordingly. Not only… Continue reading Six Reasons Why Sustainability Matters for all Companies – and Two Common Mistakes They Should Avoid

2020 – The Year of Crisis

By Philip Hauserman - The Castle Group

What a year.  2020 might as well have been “the year of crisis.” Or maybe it was just one big 365-day crisis. It certainly felt like it, as The Castle Group’s crisis communications practice managed more than 100 crises for 57 clients in 19 states and two countries. As we reflect on 2020, we all… Continue reading 2020 – The Year of Crisis

Why Companies Should Invest into PR & Digital in 2021 and Beyond?

By - The Conroy Martinez Group

As we look forward to this new year of 2021, what do companies need to do to move their brand forward and increase the bottom line?  As members of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), we are all given this challenge by our clients regularly. Of course, the world is in a different place globally… Continue reading Why Companies Should Invest into PR & Digital in 2021 and Beyond?

Why Stakeholder Engagement is the First Step to Reach Your SDGs

By Mark Paterson - Currie

The world has a plan to end poverty, fight inequality and save the planet from climate change – the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs contain 17 goals and 169 targets. The plan sounds lofty and daunting, right? Even so, the SDGs are forming part of the DNA of business, government and civil… Continue reading Why Stakeholder Engagement is the First Step to Reach Your SDGs

What Can Redwood Trees Teach Business about Sustainability?


Who doesn’t love redwood trees? These iconic trees, some of the oldest and certainly the tallest and largest in the world, are mainly located in California (with a small grove also in remote China). Redwoods exude a majestic presence with their beauty, their breadth, their height and their age: it just makes you want to… Continue reading What Can Redwood Trees Teach Business about Sustainability?

What if we turned the Covid-attitude into sustainable corporate behavior?

By Stéphane Billiet - WE agency

Companies and brands have never behaved as well as they are right now. For the past few weeks, we’ve seen a level of compassion and caring from brands that is “Hall of Fame” worthy. While this avalanche of good deeds and good intentions might be viewed as excessive by some, I’ve been impressed by the… Continue reading What if we turned the Covid-attitude into sustainable corporate behavior?

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