Three Signals That Tell Your Company Builds the Right Employer Culture

August 24 2022

It is no secret that a positive employer culture and an appealing, transparent work atmosphere are more than ever essential conditions for accepting a job offer. Of course, an employee must be paid a fair wage for the work he or she does, but it is not only the amount of the salary that matters. Employees should also feel valued by being given responsibility and by being listened to on certain decisive points. In addition, a positive atmosphere also ensures the stability of a team in the long term.

positive work environment
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Communicate transparently in good and bad times

Many managers tend to be cautious in their communication about the company’s financial results, possible crisis situations and transformative decisions. However, it is exactly transparency which gives employees a greater sense of security, even in case of less good news. A lack of communication leaves room for employees’ imagination to create worst-case scenarios. Transparency inspires trust, as it is proof that there is nothing to hide, and even allows for different views on certain topics. Therefore, by being aware of the difficulties and threats facing the company, employees can anticipate a possible crisis. 

In order to motivate, challenge and set clear objectives, it is important to share both successes and challenges with employees. This will make them feel involved and confident in their work. This is an essential ingredient of a positive employer culture.

Feeling involved and responsible reduces turnover

Steve Jobs once said:

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

And he was right. More and more, new generations of employees emphasise the human side of a company. They no longer want to be a number, executing tasks without asking questions. No, employees want responsibility, they want challenges, and they need to feel useful to the company. In other words, it is important to feel involved in the company’s projects.

This is important for concrete projects, but also for the development of the company itself and its internal solutions, for example office design or the maintenance of social networks. Lack of involvement can have an impact on the motivation of the team and may increase the turnover within the company. By giving employees autonomy and entrusting them with specific tasks, they will increase their productivity, come up with new ideas and a fresh perspective and thus boost the company’s activity.

A good employer culture promotes employee involvement, both during and outside working hours. This involvement is measurable. For example, when a company organises an activity outside working hours and many employees are present, it is an indicator that they feel involved in the company. Be careful to remain reasonable. The right balance between professional and private life must be maintained.

Positive vibes

In addition, the quality of life at work is the third axis of a good employer culture.  

A good working environment consists of the material and human conditions that make up this environment. As we know, the well-being of employees is one of the essential conditions for accepting a job. It is obviously also a question of workspaces, such as the presence of plants, the quality of the air, the luminosity, the possibility of working in silence, etc. But it is also about the positive atmosphere in the office. This means getting along with colleagues and superiors, encouragement from managers, extra activities, opportunities for development, transparent communication (see above), to name but a few.  

But why is positive work environment so important? Firstly, it reduces stress and therefore the risk of burnout. Secondly, it increases productivity and employee retention, which is ultimately a key objective that every company tries to achieve as it grows.

Frédéric Francois
General Manager, Two cents
20 years in business and still enjoying it. Especially my team and our customers!

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