PR4.0 Has Arrived – Are You Ready For It?

March 9 2023

We have seen so much change in recent years. The world has rapidly shifted towards digital, and Industry 4.0 is sweeping across value chains of most if not all economic sectors. The age of PR (or Public Relations) 4.0 has arrived together with the massive shift to digital and social. PR4.0 is more than just about switching to digital and social platforms or changing long-form articles to videos and infographics. 

Perhaps in past decades, when mass media management became a major feature of PR, many had forgotten a fundamental art of PR – we must earn the right for our stories to be shared by stakeholders. After all, the most talked about stories in the past were those who were organically shared by people to their friends and family. For this to happen, we must focus on earning the trust of audiences and stakeholders.

Consumers and stakeholders are now consuming content with an expectation of not just listening, observing, and understanding messages. They expect to have a stake in the news and information sharing process. We are all familiar with the number of memes and reaction videos created by social media users, re-imagining and expressing their own perspectives of the stories they are being told.

This convergence and co-creation have created what we could term “co-active.” This is when audiences are empowered to co-create content and be part of the conversations, sharing their views through the multiple platforms that are available to them.

As I shared on this week’s episode of PRGN Presents, we are at the beginning of this wave and navigating through the challenges will not be easy. Clearly, we can see the shift in consumer and brand narratives.  Purpose” is now becoming the new product and “green” is becoming the next digital. Companies are not just talking about profit. The focus has now shifted towards ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and how businesses can be “sustainable.” We will also see many other significant changes and disruptions coming our way, such as the Metaverse, AI, etc. The effort needed to build relationships with our publics in the era of PR4.0 will certainly be complex but that is what makes the future so exciting!

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Andy See
Founder, Principal Partner & Managing Director, Perspective Strategies
After spending more than 10 years working with leading multinational and Malaysian consultancies including The Boston Consulting Group and Edelman, Andy decided to reinvent his career by setting up his own firm. This led to the birth of Perspective Strategies in 2006. The boutique agency grew quickly with the promise of delivering strategic counsel and quality services to clients and has over the years won numerous industry awards on the global and national levels. Aside from steering the firm’s strategic direction and managing key client relationships, Andy regularly conducts spokesperson training and speaks at industry events on strategic communications, issues management and stakeholder engagement. Currently, he is the President of the Public Relations and Communications Association of Malaysia (PRCA Malaysia), spearheading efforts to champion the interest of PR professionals including industry best practices, quality and standards as well as talent development.  Since 2017, Perspective Strategies has been part of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the world's leading independent PR agency networks. Andy is on the Executive Committee, serving as Secretary and Regional Vice-President for Asia Pacific (APAC). As Regional Vice-President, Andy leads PRGN's initiatives in growing the network's presence in APAC by pushing to enhance communication, improve coordination and drive momentum at the regional level. Andy also actively contributes articles and thought leadership pieces on PR, leadership and strategic communications in various publications and online platforms.

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