Communications in Israel: the Challenge

May 18 2023

Israel is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. At just 75 years old, it has become a significant player in the global economy and a true contributor to the development of technology. Israel is known as the startup nation, with thousands of startups operating in a country of 9.5 million people. This, and many other reasons, has pushed multinationals like Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and others to set up R&D centers in Israel, employing tens of thousands of employees who are developing their most groundbreaking technologies.

As a relatively small country, with such a vibrant business eco-system, the Israeli media can pose a challenge to businesses since it has a strong influence on the public sphere. Its scope of influence ranges from decision makers, through the business arena to each and every Israeli citizen. With only four TV news channels, four daily newspapers and four leading financial outlets, competition between the media outlets is very strong, and there are clear rules as to how one should interact with this industry.

When a company considers starting communications in Israel, or to step up its current operations media-wise, it should go about it with caution. Market research should be conducted, in order to identify the current discourse, what you should say, and what you should definitely not say right here and right now. We need to study the company’s operations and identify what would be a potential driver for media communications in Israel, and what can be sensitive, and we should manage carefully.

One of the main mistakes multinationals make in Israel, is trying to implement their global communications strategy here. Unfortunately, this won’t work, or at least won’t lead to the same results you are aiming for. In the Israeli media market, the global wording and tactics won’t have the same effect; companies must adapt their global strategy and create a tailored strategy that will resonate with the Israeli public sphere, which includes the journalists and editors, and also the readers – the key target audience.

On this week’s episode of the PRGN Presents podcast series, I share more about conducting business in Israel. 

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Hanan Kamir
Chief Executive Officer, KAMIR
As CEO at KAMIR, Hanan is focused on KAMIR’s long-term and strategic goals for the future. He oversees the firm’s clients, advisors, and projects, and ensures KAMIR’s team has the optimal tools to succeed. Hanan actively participates in projects with high-profile clients in the Capital Markets, Real estate, Infrastructure, and Energy sectors. Prior to working at KAMIR, Hanan worked as an issuing manager in the underwriting department at Value Base, one of Israel’s leading investment banks. Hanan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management from IDC Herzliya, graduating Cum Laude. Hanan is also an alumnus of the Arison’s Honors program.

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