Navigating Changing Priorities in Business and Marketing

July 13 2023

I had another opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking podcast conversation on PRGN Presents. Abbie Fink from HMA Public Relations and I delved into the ever-changing priorities in business and marketing. 

Recognizing the unprecedented economic environment and evolving buyer behavior, I shared some thoughts on the need for marketing managers to reprioritize their strategies recommending five critical success factors to consider: talent acquisition and retention, creating a hybrid work environment, embracing innovative apprenticeships, fostering self-authorship of careers, and leveraging technology, particularly augmented intelligence (AI).

Talent Acquisition and Retention

There is no doubt that finding and retaining talented individuals, especially in light of the current job market, is still a challenge for business owners. Tapping into the power of personal referrals and showcasing your company values to attract the right talent is a key marketing strategy.

Creating a Hybrid Work Environment

The continued rise of remote work necessitates a reevaluation of company cultures and norms. Technology is important in supporting effective collaboration and project management in hybrid work environments coupled with flexible working hours and embracing new working methods are crucial aspects to consider.

Innovative Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have to move beyond traditional mentorship models. Leaders need to recognize the importance of the next generation’s potential to upskill senior team members. Additionally, fostering self-authorship of careers provides new employees with engagement and satisfaction in their work. By allowing individuals to define their career paths, organizations can tap into their employees’ full potential.

Leveraging Technology, Augmented Intelligence (AI)

We’re all going to need to embrace the transformative power of AI. The use of AI in marketing, particularly in understanding buyer behavior and personalizing marketing strategies, will be invaluable.

Environmental Sustainability as a Marketing Leadership Priority

Marketing leaders need to develop net-zero strategies within their departments, promoting transparency and measurement of environmental initiatives. The rising demand for net-zero practices from institutions and governments makes it vital for businesses to address this area proactively.

The dynamic nature of the current economic environment calls for adaptability and strategic thinking.

Marketing professionals can successfully respond to the changing priorities in business and marketing by prioritizing talent acquisition and retention, embracing hybrid work models, fostering innovative apprenticeships, encouraging self-authorship, leveraging technology, and addressing environmental sustainability. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing new approaches, businesses can unlock their growth potential and positively impact their industries.

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Nick Leighton
Owner & CEO, NettResults Middle East
Nick owns and runs NettResults International PR, is the author of the best-selling book, Exactly Where You Want to Be: A business owners guide to passion, profit and happiness, and an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University in California, where he lectures to graduate and post-graduate classes in strategic communication.

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