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The Key to Building Winning Brands Today and Tomorrow

By Andy See Teong Leng - Perspective Strategies

1. Why is this important to us?

It is without a doubt that businesses and brands need to reinvent and reimagine for the future marketplace. Today, the purpose agenda dominates discussions in boardrooms. Importantly, the ability to communicate our corporate purpose well is very rewarding as it helps build trust and solidify relationships with investors, customers, employees and other key stakeholders....

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From Brand Purpose to Brand Activism: Time to Act

By Giulia Serazzi - Sound Public Relations

“Between saying and doing there is the sea,” says a well-known proverb. This quote can be applied to today’s brands as they are called to cross this sea and take their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to a new level by developing brand activism strategies that mark the transition from storytelling to storydoing....

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