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What is Good Corporate Citizenship?

By Scott Hanson - HMA Public Relations

Being a good corporate citizen should be a part of every organization’s overall strategy. It starts at the top and isn’t something that should be approached in a haphazard way. Oftentimes, companies get involved in particular charities or causes because they have a direct connection to the CEO or other company leadership. Those initiatives are… Continue reading What is Good Corporate Citizenship?

PRGN Launches Instagram Takeovers

By Sara Goodwin - HMA Public Relations

Earlier this year, PRGN launched its Instagram account and earlier this month, Instagram takeovers,a new series where our partners will share what life is like in their city and at their agency. Instagram is unique because unlike Facebook and Twitter, the content has to be visual and it’s difficult to share links on the platform.… Continue reading PRGN Launches Instagram Takeovers

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