PRGN Launches Instagram Takeovers

June 14 2017

Instagram TakeoverEarlier this year, PRGN launched its Instagram account and earlier this month, Instagram takeovers,a new series where our partners will share what life is like in their city and at their agency. Instagram is unique because unlike Facebook and Twitter, the content has to be visual and it’s difficult to share links on the platform. This was challenging since much of PRGN’s past social strategy has been about sharing content from our agency partners or industry media outlets and we needed to provide links. Given the unique platform, we needed to develop a different philosophy for sharing content here.

PRGN has 50 global partners, worldwide across multiple time zones and multiple languages. One of the things I know to be true with any social strategy I’ve worked on, is that audiences like to see a human element and see who’s behind the screen—what better way to showcase this than through weekly Instagram takeovers that showcases just that?

Our agency, HMA Public Relations in Phoenix, was the first to take on this task. Social media is something I love because there is always something new to learn more about. The takeover was a success, and we thought the response was great. The number of impressions and engagement we saw echo this sentiment as well. It is important to keep the momentum going so expect to see agency takeovers in the coming weeks from Seattle, Portugal, Boston, DC, among others.

And with any good campaign, there are still some learning opportunities.  I’ve been using Instagram personally for quite a while, but using it for business allowed me to experiment a bit with Instagram Stories.

For instance, I couldn’t link to any content in a Story. A quick search revealed that up until recently you had to have a verified account, which Instagram just has to give you, in order to link.  You can’t request to be verified. Instagram is now rolling it out to all business accounts, so I’m sure the PRGN account will be verified soon enough.

Something else that I learned was that you can only post photos and videos from your cameral roll that are no more than 24-hours-old. I tried to have different themes to our Instagram Story, so one day was about Arizona history, another day was about desert plants, etc., which took some planning to carefully gather photos/videos of different things when I was in that area and saved it for later use. But, if I had captured it more than 24 hours ago, then I had to take a screenshot of the photo to trick Instagram Stories into letting me post it. And for videos, I had to download a video editing app, import the video into it, and resave it as a new video. Yes, I found a way around Instagram’s limitations, but it was still tedious and took extra time.

To see HMA’s takeover (including our daily Stories), click here.  And be sure to follow our account, to learn more about PRGN and our partners worldwide.

By Sara Goodwin

Courtesy of HMA Public Relations

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