Public Relations Can and Does Change the World

March 21 2022

To share its 30-year anniversary with all PR and communications professionals around the globe, the Public Relations Global Network is sharing 30 pearls of wisdom from its senior members and agency leaders.

The 30 pearls – some of the network members’ best tips and advice polished in the past 30 years and dazzling to show direction for the next decades in PR and communications – will be published in an eBook at PRGN’s anniversary meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, in May 2022. The eBook will be available for downloads on the PRGN website.

Below is the first one of the 30 pearls from members, expanded to fit PRGN’s regular blog series. It is written by Ed Stevens, one of the founders of PRGN, a former President, marketing chair and executive committee member and today a Member Emeritus and advisory board member of PRGN and Chairman Emeritus of Roop & Co., PRGN’s partner agency in Ohio.

Some of the most famous case studies prove how public relations changes behavior. Companies with poor reputations are respected again. Warring factions make peace and live in harmony. Recalled product lines return to the shelf. PR can really does have the power to change the world.

There are case studies everywhere where PR has made the difference. It saves lives. Generates funds for causes that help humanity. Educates children of all ages all over the world.

Photo by Greg Rosenke, Unsplash

Certainly, public relations is just one part of the story. In my mind, it is an important part. Sometimes the turnaround story takes years. Often serendipity is at work and change is faster. In all cases, leadership and a vision are the catalysts. But communications, dialogue, media, messaging and timing are all important.

As an individual, you can apply the basics of PR to your everyday life. You can make things better for your company, your community and your family. You start with improved communications and objectives you can measure in your gut. 

What can you do?

  • Help a young professional by doing an informational interview.
  • Donate time and treasure to a cause you care about.
  • Teach a class and share your knowledge.
  • Obtain presentation skills training to polish and humanize your delivery.
  • Schedule a lunch with a college student to support his/her career goals.

By giving, you receive. By helping others succeed, you succeed. When you bring happiness, it comes back to you tenfold.

Start today by being an agent for change in your own world. That makes our world a better place.

Starting today you can make a real difference in your world. That makes our world a better place.

What will you do today?

Edward Stevens
Chairman Emeritus, Roopco
As chairman emeritus of Roop & Co., Ed provides senior counsel and oversight for the business. He was formerly the president of Stevens Strategic Communications, now a division of Roop & Co. His background includes integrated marketing communications, PR, corporate communications, media relations, crisis communications and strategic planning.

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