PRGN continues global expansion in Q3 2013

December 19 2013

Member agencies worldwide acquired 51 new clients from 21 sectors in total

Media relations, crisis communications and strategic counselling are what clients ask for most

Los Angeles, USA, Frankfurt, Germany (December 19, 2013) — The member agencies of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the world’s leading networks of independent public relations consultancies, remained on a steady growth path in Q3 2013. PRGN members on all continents acquired at least 51 new clients in total between July and September. Among the new clients are renowned companies such as Electrolux or CAIXABANK SA.


“The customer base increase clearly outlines the reputation and business performance of our partners and our network,” said David Landis, president of PRGN and president/CEO of San Francisco, Calif.-based Landis Communications, Inc. On average, each member won up to two new clients, continuing the Network’s trend of positive business expansion, which we have already seen in previous quarters.”

Due to the Network’s diversity, PRGN’s growth went through a number of dimensions. The 51 new clients come from 21 different economic sectors. The majority of them, however, can be allocated to the following industries: real estate, professional services, consumer product, finance, health/medical/pharmaceutical, education, and also non-profit.

“We are proud to have gained a remarkable amount of strategic projects dealing with crisis communications, brand positioning and awareness, and strategic planning and counsel services. We also saw a notable increase in social media management,” said Michael Diegelmann, PRGN Business Committee Chair and CEO of German member cometis AG. “We see these wins as evidence for the global reputation and the expertise of our Network’s members as well as our strong ability to cover a wide range of communications projects.”

PRGN partners acquired new customers from 27 different countries. “Nearly one-third of our Network’s new clients come from the United States, reflecting PRGN’s large number of U.S.-partners,” said Landis. “The remaining two-thirds are located all over the world, including several countries in Europe, South America, Asia, South Africa and Canada, underlining the global reach and business expertise of our Network.”

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More than 1,000 clients across six continents depend on the combined resources of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) to deliver targeted public relations campaigns in more than 80 markets around the world. With revenues of more than $110 million (U.S.D.), PRGN is among the world’s top four international public relations networks. PRGN harnesses the resources of nearly 50 independent public relations firms, 65 offices and more than 900 communications professionals to connect international companies and organizations with individual and culturally diverse markets globally. Visit PRGN online at

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