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Is a College Degree Necessary to Work in PR?

By Robert Bauer - accelent communications

Don’t expect a big surprise when reading our answer to this question: No, a formal certificate of any kind of curriculum is definitely not necessary to work and survive in PR – as many agency owners, pr managers and employees without a degree can tell you from their experience....

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Why should blogging be a part of your PR strategy?

By Akvilė Vžesniauskaitė - Adverum

Nowadays, PR is much more than media relations, press releases or launch events. PR becomes a modern combination of classical and new communication trends – integrated, 360 degree PR strategy including visuals, digital solutions, and, of course, blogging. Blogs fit the taste of those who are looking for interesting pieces of news, non-traditional recommendations or educational...

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What’s in store for PR in 2019?

By David Landis - Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

It’s that time of year. We’re all finishing up the current year while looking towards the future, gazing into our all-knowing crystal balls. And in our industry, that means looking at what’s in store for the field of public relations in 2019....

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