2024 PR Predictions: Technology and Global Trends Pose Tough Questions for Comms Pros

December 14 2023

Following a mixed year in 2023 marked by business challenges, geopolitical escalation and giant leaps in technology developments, 2024 will bring a spillover of all of these effects as well as fundamental questions on business and communications that companies, brands, and agency owners will have to work together to find new answers for.

Technology is transforming people’s lives as well as it revolutionizes the communications practice. Agencies will embrace the new technologies and adapt their business to the new environment – that’s not even a question at this point. What will make the difference though is how they can keep and evolve the human touch and human aspects of the communications profession, because, after all, it’s all about relationships and trust and that is the aspect where most of the genuine human value is being created.

At the same time, companies, brands and communicators will still need to do a lot in the fields of sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) communications, while making sure to safeguard boards from overkill and greenwashing. This is an evolving practice globally that will reach new grounds in 2024.

Every December, PRGN is asking its member agency principals for their PR predictions on what the next year brings to the communications industry. This time, we’ve asked PRGN President Andy See to summarize the 2024 PR predictions of leaders of our global group of agencies and add his own perspectives in this end-of-year episode of the PRGN Presents podcast series:

For the individual quotes and 2024 PR predictions from PRGN member agency leaders around the globe, read the following collection. And come back often in the new year to this space for finding inspiration as well as practical advice on global and local communications issues that shape the way companies and brands communicate in the new year.

Abbie Fink“As the earned media landscape continues to evolve (and in some cases dissolve), it will be critically important to focus on more comprehensive and integrated services. Although clients may come into the agency relationship seeking news coverage, we need to regularly and consistently talk about the various other marketing communications strategies that are available to clients to expand their reach beyond traditional media.”
Abbie S. Fink, President, HMA Public Relations, Phoenix, Arizona



Nick-Leighton_NettResults“The ease of use and accessibility of AI will result in greater creativity, better insight, and more robust results for companies proactively managing their PR. We’ve known that AI is a game changer since 2022, but in 2024 we’ll see the AI baby start to walk as applications make getting reliable AI results as easy as using your mobile phone to order food.”
Nick Leighton, Owner & CEO, NettResults Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Valentina Giacaman Hazboun - Founding Partner, Rumbo Cierto“Companies will continue needing communicators as bridges between the private world and the press and between the private world and the public world, especially with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, since the correct use of this tool requires interdisciplinary work where different professionals support each other in order to achieve the best benefits for society.”
Valentina Giacaman Hazboun, Founding Partner, RumboCierto Comunicaciones, Santiago, Chile


AaronBlank_blackwhite“LinkedIn has become a powerhouse self-publishing platform and tool for thought leaders and executives in ways we’ve not yet seen before. Those who have already fueled their personal brand on the platform by leveraging tools like LinkedIn Pulse or the newsletter publishing tool will see the benefits continue to evolve and grow into 2024.”
Aaron Blank, President & CEO, Fearey, Seattle, Washington


RobertBauer_2019_blackwhite“In 2024, the change in PR employees’ mindset will more than before translate into a parallel change in PR agencies’ dealing with actual and potential clients. Bottom line: Agencies shall and will become more straightforward in turning down customer requests that don’t fit their business strategy or overall expectations – just as PR staff have become more straightforward in cancelling their jobs if they don’t get what they demand regarding incentives, sabbaticals and heavy wage increases. In order to be attractive for employees, agencies will need to adopt exactly that mindset in dealing with their clients: Be self-confident and demand from your clients what you think is necessary for your better quality of life and thus better results (higher agency fees, more generous deadlines, a respectful working relationship without unsuitable pressure etc.) and if you don’t get it, ruthlessly turn the client down and leave them alone.”
Robert Bauer, Managing Partner, accelent communications, Vienna, Austria


Bill Southard“I see three major trends for 2024:
2. Budgets will continue to be tight in 2024 and it will be critical to deliver programs that have drive and generate meaningful results.
2. The public relations industry will continue to evolve beyond media relations, increasingly relying on digital marketing, paid media, social media and such to generate awareness and support a clear call to action for brands.
3. AI will also continue to evolve and more firms and businesses will begin to realize how to most effectively use AI to save time and money and deliver results so we can expect to see an increased reliance on AI in 2024.”
Bill Southard, President & CEO, Southard Communications, New York, New York


Yap-Boh-Tiong-405x405“Data driven storytelling will become increasingly important in your pitches to the media if you want them to publicise your clients’ products and services.
You have to back up your pitches by drawing data from your clients’ own brand studies or industry trends that the media had overlooked.”
Boh Tiong Yap, Managing Director, Mileage Communications, Singapore


Stéphane-Billiet-405x405bw“PR has entered a new golden age. In terms of the reliability and sincerity of information, the need for trustworthy professionals can only increase, while it is now so easy to produce and propagate fake news at low cost. The possibilities opened by digital and virtual worlds reinforce the need for embodied relationships and authentic exchanges in the real world. Brands and organizations need PR to give credibility to their commitments and avoid “washing”. Besides, the arrival of generative AI in agencies will once again call into question the validity of time-based billing. PR creates conditions, which cannot be delegated to artificial intelligence, unlike content production. So how do we measure value?”
Stéphane Billiet, Vice-President, We change, Paris, France


Judy Kuramata_cropped“Technology and digital usage will be more as a commodity. Corporates will shift more towards taking their responsibilities to the society and climate, that also be our focus rather than selling products.”
Judy Kuramata, Executive Director, Integrate Communications, Tokyo, Japan


Shawn Jiang Xiaofeng_China Advocate“In 2024, geopolitical and domestic political issues are expected to disrupt global development goals, affecting the economic stability and investment strategies of multinational corporations, subsequently impacting PR agencies in various countries. As businesses face revenue pressures and the prospect of achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals becomes challenging, the priority of ESG initiatives at multinational companies is likely to diminish, leading to reduced budget allocations for their communication. Policy incentives for sustainable development, including carbon-neutral initiatives in countries like China, are anticipated to temporarily weaken.
Public relations professionals must adapt their strategies to focus on public affairs, crisis management, and lead-generating PR services in order to safeguard corporations from reputation risks and support business growth. Multinational corporations must carefully consider how to align with the overall brand communication strategy on the global stage while also tailoring their approach to the specific political and diplomatic landscapes of the countries in which they operate. This may involve crafting locally compelling narratives and adopting a different, but effective, approach to publicity and storytelling.”
Shawn Jiang Xiaofeng, Managing Director, China Advocate, Beijing, China


Joanne-Chan-405x405“In 2024, ESG will transform into a key element of business strategy, marking a shift from the previous year’s skepticism. The adoption of mandatory climate reporting will alter corporate approaches to ESG, emphasizing genuine integration rather than just compliance. Moreover, the year will spotlight the fight against greenwashing and highlight the crucial role of transparent and effective ESG and sustainability communications in maintaining authenticity and accountability in corporate practices.
We anticipate increasing challenges to the theme of globalization as we move forward. The landscape is set to be reshaped by pronounced geopolitical fragmentation and a surge in economic competition. This shift suggests that businesses will need to navigate a more complex and potentially divided global market. Traditional models of international cooperation and market integration may give way to a new era characterized by strategic alliances, regional partnerships, and localized economic policies. Businesses will have to adapt to these changing dynamics, potentially restructuring their global strategies to align with a more fragmented geopolitical environment. This applies particularly to PR tactics, where a greater focus should be placed on diverse messaging, the use of “local” social media platforms, and more proactive stakeholder engagement.”
Joanne Chan, Founder and Managing Director, LBS Communications, Hong Kong, China


Alessandra Malvermi Sound PR Milan Italy“As we look ahead to 2024, the field of PR is poised for significant transformations. The dynamics of the industry will not only be shaped by technological advancements but also by the changing expectations and priorities of both clients and professionals.
Today, complexity dominates in both society and business. PR, with its capacity to guide companies through the intricate net of challenges and opportunities, can take center stage. Navigation through complexities requires a partnership built on mutual respect. Unrealistic timelines and constant availability expectations may become outdated if companies recognize and prioritize the well-being of their PR consultants on par with that of their employees. Additionally, budgets will see a shift towards a more nuanced approach, intricately tied to the seniority and expertise of allocated resources.
Embracing these changes offers an exciting opportunity for more meaningful and sustainable partnerships, where collaboration, empathy, and respect take center stage in shaping success for both clients and agencies alike.”
Alessandra, Malvermi, Managing Partner, Sound Public Relations, Milan, Italy


Christina Rytter“Find your voice
When social media overwhelm us with content it becomes more important to find and share your own voice. I see a craving for more personality and authenticity in the content shared on social media. Our data shows that people are reacting much more enthusiastically to the personal content when you share stories from your personal journey. For leaders, this means having to take a step forward, be more fearless and share your own voice. You need to find the balance between being genuine and staying true to your personality while pushing your boundaries a bit.
Leaders born in the 60-70’s often come from a point where we left our private life at home when we went out in our corporate life. This is a big challenge that we see for many leaders of a certain age, to go from a polished corporate image to sharing more of private life or private personality.
Finding your own voice means for companies and organizations an effort to stand out and create thought leadership content with higher quality and relevance for the key target groups.  I see a shift returning more to some of the previous high-quality methods that we used to rely on. This means embracing a more journalistic approach, conducting in-depth research, and creating thought leadership programs with high-quality content.”
Christina Rytter, Founder, Scandinavian Communications, Copenhagen, Denmark


Lauren Reed_2020 BW“A critical consideration for all PR campaigns in 2024 is to ‘plan but pivot.’  Contingency planning is a critical component of any integrated communications plan, acting as the compass that can guide an organization through ever-changing consumer behavior and market fluctuations. By its very nature, a PR plan is not static but a living document that should evolve in response to key learnings, ongoing customer feedback and market trends. With recent global events, emerging technologies and economic activities, it is especially important to review your plans regularly and ensure every tactic is designed to meet business goals and gain maximum ROI in the current climate.”
Lauren Reed Williams, President & Founder, REED Public Relations, Nashville, Tennessee


Mark Paterson“Climate, climate, climate. As climate reporting becomes mandatory for big companies in more jurisdictions, value chains will talk non-stop about climate risk in 2024. Any company that does not have a climate story, crafted from the truth and based on data, risks B2B PR suicide. A critical mass of its business partners will think ‘this company does not have my back’.”
Mark Paterson, Principal, Currie, Melbourne, Australia


Brad Kostka_BW_400x400“Public relations professionals must be prepared for the continued technological advancement of artificial intelligence in 2024. Its ability to generate natural language that we experienced in 2023 only scratched the surface and will improve exponentially. In the coming year, savvy communicators will be harnessing it regularly to produce other forms of content, including images, audio and even video. In addition, they will start to use it to improve distribution, monitoring and analytics reporting. Those that do so will empower their organizations to leap ahead of their competitors.”
Brad Kostka, President, Roopco, Cleveland, Ohio


Uwe Schmidt“Face-to-face events are back: Three Covid-19 years have banished communication to virtual space. 2023 was the return to the real world. This trend will continue in 2024 because the recognition is back that personal contacts at trade fairs, conferences and own events are irreplaceable, especially in times of virtual fake. Return to a centrepiece of good public relations is good news.”
Uwe Schmidt, Managing Partner, Industrie-Contact, Hamburg, Germany


Public Relations Global Network Consultant Owen Cullen“In recent years, there’s been an increasing focus on the need for businesses to demonstrate a strong social conscience through things like environmental action, community engagement and being a good employer. In 2024, we’re going to see that ramped up a notch as consumers lean further into brands that are seeking to make a positive impact on the world.
The desire to be a more responsible business led Cullen Communications to achieve B Corp certification in 2023. Being a B Corp means living up to the highest standards of social and environmental performance; an achievement we’re very proud of and a benchmark we are encouraging and helping our clients to go for also.
With consumers overwhelmingly in favour of buying from (and working for) companies that are purpose-led, sustainability is clearly good for the bottom line. Responsible brands that can demonstrate an authentic commitment to people and the planet will enjoy a clear PR advantage in 2024.”
Owen Cullen, Managing Director, Cullen Communications, Dublin, Ireland


Louise-Oliver-1“As firm leaders of the future, we must meet the demands of our dynamic economy and evolving workforce with confidence, clarity and technological immersion.  While the stakes are high for all businesses to master artificial intelligence to advance our missions, client goals, and bottom lines, we must challenge our teams to understand the WHY behind working smarter and protect their time for things that drive our businesses forward.”
Louise Oliver, APR, President, Peritus PR, Birmingham, Alabama


Dwayne Alexander“The 2024 public relations landscape will be shaped by AI and deepening ideological polarisation between societies and their governments. Many companies will be under siege. Boycotting companies that are perceived as acting against societal values will become a common consumer trend. Social media will continue to act as a catalyst for widespread movements and campaigns that call for ethical and sustainable business practices, and consumers will exercise their influence through intentional purchasing decisions and active support for businesses that align with their values.
Company directors, boards, and founders must proactively adopt public relations strategies focused on transparency, corporate responsibility, and proactive engagement. Leaders must embrace transparency, prioritise corporate responsibility, engage in dialogue, adapt supply chains, invest in crisis preparedness, and educate their teams. All companies and boards need to prepare or update a comprehensive issue response plan.
Challenges bring opportunities. Companies that embrace change, lead from the front, and play an active role in their sector and communities will reap the rewards in an environment where ethical business practices are paramount. Silence is not an option.”
Dwayne Alexander, Global Practice Leader, Alexander PR, Auckland, New Zealand


Eli Kamir“The current conflict between Israel and Gaza may be an indicator in the evolving global PR landscape of 2024. The use of AI tools to fabricate and circulate deceptive visuals exemplifies a concerning trend that transcends borders. As AI’s influence grows, distinguishing between reality and falsehood becomes increasingly challenging worldwide, and it will probably continue to be exploited by organizations with bad intentions to spread false information. PR firms face a twofold challenge: they need to be ethical by avoiding dishonest actions, even if it might be tempting to do so, and carefully check any information they receive before sharing it widely. Navigating this complicated ground highlights the industry’s dedication to truth. By the way, it’s essential to recognize that this paragraph was generated by AI, emphasizing the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on global communication dynamics.”
Eli Kamir, Founder & Chairman, KAMIR, Tel-Aviv, Israel


“The ongoing global geopolitical challenges will continue to exert pressure on businesses and the marketplace in the coming year. These worldwide tensions have further highlighted the reputational and business risks inherent in operating within a global environment where political, cultural, and religious issues can significantly impact brands, organisations, customers, and even the workforce. While aligning our communication strategies and narratives for our business, it is imperative to recognise that what we say and do successfully in one market can potentially be a disaster in another. This underscores the heightened importance for leaders and communications professionals to consider the specific sensitivities of local cultures and markets to effectively manage reputations and brands.
As we embrace the evolving social and technological developments in communications, there will be two main drivers that will make us future-ready:
1. The ability to humanise our strategies, particularly in understanding and addressing local market nuances. This is what technology cannot do at this moment.
2. Our capacity to leverage impactful networks, anchored on shared purpose and strong relationships. After all, effective co-creation is all about how we leverage relationships to access a wider network of relevant stakeholders to communicate our messages.
Andy See Teong Leng, Principal Partner and Managing Director, Perspective Strategies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“One word – humanization. Because digital tools, technologies, and the pace at which we consume information are all advancing so rapidly, attention spans are shrinking. Brand voices must be humanized so their audiences connect, rather than continue to scroll. Raw, unfiltered, real-life stories. Personalized content. Influencer relations. These are the tactics I predict will better cut through the noise of all the promotional, political, and generic messaging with which we are constantly flooded.”
Meg Yocum, Partner, Buchanan Public Relations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Leeza-Hoyt-405x405“As our industry steps into 2024, the further blending of earned, paid, shared and owned media will be essential to making a lasting impact for our clients. In fact, using a holistic approach which goes beyond traditional boundaries will be required to adapt in today’s world of communications. This includes blending in artificial intelligence (AI) which is at the forefront of this evolution as a game-changing influence, but it isn’t a magic pill. Remember, the communications advisor must drive the message, evaluate the process, and ultimately own the end result. While AI will drastically change how we communicate, and leverage information, it is the human brain that will always be behind the program.”
Leeza L. Hoyt, APR, President, The Hoyt Organization, Los Angeles, California


Sunil Puri Mileage Communications - India B-W“As global decoupling intensifies in 2024, we anticipate a significant recalibration in public relations, especially for companies with an international footprint. For example in regions like India and South Asia with multiple language and ethnic requirements, this will necessitate a hyper-localized approach to communication, ensuring sensitivity to the cultural, geopolitical, demographic, and social nuances of each geography. Simultaneously, maintaining a cohesive global narrative will be paramount. This fine balance will redefine PR strategies, demanding a blend of localized insight and global oversight, thereby transforming how stories are told and brands are perceived across borders.”
Sunil Puri, Managing Director, Mileage Communications India, New Delhi, India


Cinar-Ergin-405x405“Public Relations will be focusing more than ever on Gen Z and whatever they like, follow, need, want, and connect. Also, all PR activities and campaigns will have to be authentic and genuine, since Gen Z is more suspicious towards inauthentic content – as all PR professionals know that content has always been king in the PR sector. In the upcoming years both authenticity and quality will matter. Brands should focus on content, big campaigns and pay attention to authentic content created in high quality to reach social media users. In summary, Gen Z will be an emerging trend in 2024, as all winning brands will be chasing their habits to reach and connect them before others do.
In 2024, professionals will have to be more flexible than ever and upskill to keep up with ever-changing technological developments in the sector. The PR world has always been flexible but now practitioners need to make changes to stories, content, location and almost everything in a blink of an eye. Pace will matter more than ever in this game. Also, with the use of high technologies such as big data and AI in the marketing and news world, PR trends will also be evolving fast around these technologies. PR professionals will have to adapt quickly to new technologies, situations and content.”
Çinar Ergin, Principal, Aristo Communications, Istanbul, Turkey


Alexandra Dinita_665x665 BW“2024 is expected to reshape and redefine the future for a large part of the world, with 70+ elections in more than 40 countries, including European Union and U.S. elections, all in an era of multiple crises, already raising the stakes for the future. It’s a good context for brands to start talking about real politics and policies. Big brands are usually averse to being part of the agora of political and social debates. No longer, given the context of reactionary trends in many countries, a sense of de-globalization, and the expected major disruptions on economic chains due to wars, climate change and other factors. In many ways, the very presence of some companies’ power will be in question, and they must win public hearts to secure predictable business conditions on many markets. I expect, therefore, that commercial actors will become citizens and community voices and advocates in such a crucial moment. I also expect (or hope for) a trend of de-consuming as a direct effect of sustainability principles bringing our personal and business lives and ethics closer and closer.”
Alexandra Diniță, Founder and Managing Partner, Free Communication, Bucharest, Romania


Ieva-Naujalyte-405x405Purpose-driven PR: Today, organizations are expected to go beyond profit and make a positive impact on society. To meet this expectation, PR professionals will play an essential role in positioning their clients as purpose-driven entities by emphasizing their commitment to social, environmental, and ethical issues.
Influencer and micro-influencer collaborations: Influencer marketing has gained significant momentum, and this trend will continue to be a valuable PR strategy. The collaboration with influencers and micro-influencers allows brands to reach specific niche audiences and increase brand visibility in an authentic and relatable way.
Personalized storytelling: As audiences become more selective about the content they engage with, PR professionals must create personalized and authentic stories that resonate with their target audiences. Tailoring messages to specific groups allows PR practitioners to build meaningful connections while capturing attention and driving engagement.
Demand for real, authentic content: The demand for proven, trusted, and empathetic brands that cater to audience needs and values will continue to rise.
Employer branding communications: As talent shortages persist, organizations will focus on effectively communicating their employer brand to attract and retain the best talent.
Crisis management in the digital age: In an era defined by digital communication, crisis management has taken on new dimensions. PR professionals need to be vigilant in monitoring social media, responding swiftly to potential crises, and maintaining transparency in the fast-paced digital landscape. Establishing a crisis response plan and maintaining open lines of communication is crucial for navigating this ever-evolving digital environment.”
Ieva Naujalyte, Managing Partner, Adverum, Vilnius, Lithuania


Wendy Spivak_500x500“In 2024, events are embracing an era marked by sustainability, with organizers adopting responsible practices that align with organizational goals and improve their impact on the planet, attendees, and community. Attendee-centric planning will also take precedence, prioritizing interactivity, wellness, and bespoke customizations that cater to the evolving needs of the modern participant. Simultaneously, the integration of Artificial Intelligence will continue to revolutionize event planning processes, optimizing efficiency in brainstorming, collateral development, and contract verbiage. This focus on sustainability and attendee experience, coupled with AI integration, promises a year of enhanced productivity, memorable experiences, and seamless event management.”
Wendy Spivak, Principal/Co-Founder, The Castle Group, Boston, Massachusetts


Sean Dowdall“Trust in traditional media has declined in recent years and that will continue for the time being. The emerging use of generative AI tools and proliferation of public and private communications channels such as social media and online forums aren’t helping traditional media rebuild trust.  In 2024, media brands should and the savvy ones will invest in rebuilding trust. They can do this by beefing up editorial quality using more validated data and reporting that includes the voices of relevant, different perspectives.”
Sean Dowdall, President, Landis Communications Inc., San Francisco, California


Anne Buchanan_Headshot B-W“Earned media and AI are headed for a collision in 2024. What is less clear is which will prevail.
We already know that earned media has become significantly more difficult to secure, thanks to a recent survey of PRGN professionals in the U.S. Combined with an overall drop in news consumption, many PR professionals are left wondering if the traditional Holy Grail of public relations has lost its luster.
At the same time, AI – which holds great promise for the communications industry – has begun to reveal its darker side. Sports Illustrated, once a respected media outlet, was recently discovered to have posted stories to its website that were created by AI, under the bylines of authors who did not exist. This will certainly not be the first time that AI is used to mislead readers. America’s upcoming presidential election will provide numerous opportunities for unethical actors to use manufactured news to influence voters.
All of which raises the intriguing question: Will AI ring the death knell for earned media? Or might it be used for good, to flush out false news?
As communications professionals, we have an obligation to fight for the latter.”
Anne Buchanan, APR, President, Buchanan Public Relations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


David Fuscus“For every PR agency, generative AI will have a range of functions, from the useful to the essential, but adoption is still low. Research by Xenophon Analytics shows that more than 80% of agency leaders believe AI has the potential to transform the PR profession. However, currently, only 8% of agencies are actively working on integrating AI into their business. The primary reasons for this low adoption rate are concerns about security and the limited availability of PR-specific tools.
As security issues are addressed and ways to manage AI usage become available, widespread integration of generative AI into PR agency business systems will accelerate. Initially, many companies will adopt general AI tools like Jasper and Writing.AI, but there will be a shift towards platforms specifically designed for public relations. As a result, the percentage of agencies with integrated AI is expected to rise from 8% to over 50% by the end of 2024. By the end of 2025, virtually every PR agency will be using generative AI as a daily tool across all their employees. AI will be an essential and ubiquitous tool for PR agencies; we just have to figure out the most effective ways for PR pros to use it.”
David Fuscus, President & CEO, Xenophon Strategies, Washington, D.C.


Grace Haekyung Son“Politics has a great impact on society as a whole.
Companies and consumers have been silently following their government policies for many years despite their inconveniences. However, some policies have been reversed overnight without enough and reasonable explanation. The global trends go in one direction, while the domestic trends go in another. This happens all the time. But it will be very serious next year under an inconstant international situation and ever-changing local political issues. It will be challenging for PR professionals to deal with domestic issues and global trends in one. PR strategies should be developed in a sophisticated and balanced approach to meet the local policies and global trends.”
Grace Haekyung Son, Managing Director, PR House, Seoul, Korea


Philip Hauserman of The Castle Group“This coming year will be an extension of the last, particularly as it relates to organizations weighing if, how, or when to comment on external events – and what their goal is in doing so. This includes the 2024 election, which may be the most hotly contested in history, and the institutions and companies that don’t have a plan for managing stakeholder engagement are in for a challenging year ahead.”
Philip Hauserman, Senior Vice President, Crisis Communications, The Castle Group, Atlanta, Georgia


Hilary Allard_Castle“PR practitioners will have a busy year ahead as we need to lean into our time-honored practical skills. Anticipation of and preparation for both crises and newsjacking opportunities will continue to be at the center of our work. As always, we need to be fast, and we need to be on target. (And this applies to both internal and external comms, as our “world on fire” steady state impacts stakeholders across the board.)”
Hilary Allard, Managing Director, The Castle Group, Boston, Massachusetts

Gábor Jelinek
Executive Director, 2024 PR Predictions: Technology and Global Trends Pose Tough Questions for Comms Pros
With 15 years of agency management and communications consulting experience, preceded by a 10-year media career, Gabor is the Executive Director of Public Relations Global Network (PRGN). In that capacity Gabor is the center of action at the global network, supporting the work of the President and the Executive Committee to grow and develop the 30-year old communications network. Working closely with PRGN's Business, Marketing and Membership committees, Gabor is the driver of global business development, self-marketing and membership retention and recruitment.

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