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Amplify Your PR Wins

By Amanda Hill, Principal - Three Box Strategic Communications

Your audience’s attention is more fragmented than ever. We used to target seven touchpoints to reach the customer – now, it takes eight or nine. How do today’s PR teams keep up? Savvy PR leaders have learned to amplify their PR wins to get the biggest impact. Amplification is incredibly efficient. It’s taking a PR… Continue reading Amplify Your PR Wins

How to Pitch PR to C-Suite Leadership

By Amanda Hill - Three Box Strategic Communications

In 2019, I wrote a piece for Forbes called “Don’t Go Dark in a Downturn.” In the article, I shared how to leverage marketing and PR during enduring times, such as a recession. Luckily, the advice still held true for 2020 and beyond. Brands need marketing momentum to get through economic downturns – but it… Continue reading How to Pitch PR to C-Suite Leadership

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