International coordination in PA: Brazil’s President Lula Da Silva’s 1st trip to Argentina in Jan-2023

Agencies : IDENTIA / PRRace Communications

In late January, Brazil’s recently elected president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva went to Argentina and met with a close political ally and friend Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina. The entire political spectrum, as well as the markets, paid close attention to this visit which could bring some big strategic moves between both countries. This affected many companies and industries such as Gas&Oil.


Identia PR from Argentina and Race Communications from Brazil worked closely together with their shared client Excelerate Energy to identify opportunities, and risks and be aware of new aspects regarding future international movements. From the beginning, both agencies coordinated their work to provide the client with strategic information about the different acts that took place and that could affect the company’s position in the region.

A common report was produced with key elements and impressions from market influencers, the media, and political leaders from each country. Both countries addressed many different issues. As an example, Brazil and Argentina’s economic teams worked on a proposal for creating a common currency to be solely used in commercial and financial transactions. The aim would be to reduce operating costs and dependence on foreign currencies. We enriched this big piece of news with comments from other key players which put each society’s differences and real thoughts into real perspective.


We found that Nova Futura Corretora Resource Management Director, the economist Pedro Paulo Silveira, said that it was not possible to think of something like a single currency for the two countries, whose most important macroeconomic indicators are currently impaired, and should there already be exchange rate problems; it is unlikely that both countries would be able to solve this matter together.

The former president of Argentina’s Central Bank, Martín Redrado, said: “The path towards a common currency must begin by using the real-weight system for bilateral trade. The first concrete step is for both central banks to grant each other reciprocal credit with a one-year term”. The full report was promising, and the results were as expected.

The client received coordinated information in real-time, and a deep analysis of its two Latam agencies, both of which are specialized in public affairs. This report was of value to the PR and communications team in Houston, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro and was shared with Excelerate Energy’s directors and CEO.

Coordinated international work not only provides a wider perspective of an issue but also reveals a well-valued idiosyncrasy to all our clients.