New Argentina Roche CEO positioning

Agencies : IDENTIA / PR

With the departure of its long-standing CEO and the arrival of a new executive, the company needed to position her profile as a local leader and representative of the global One Roche vision for the three business areas in the country. 


To achieve these goals, a communication and PR plan was implemented with actions sustained over time, following a medium and long-term strategy.  

Among the activities delivered: 

  • Development of all necessary internal materials for presentation to the media: press release, bio, photos, key messages. Also, revision and editing of existing materials such as fact sheets and Q&A with corporate information about the company. 
  • Good-will meetings plan with a strategic selection of journalists specialized in economics, business, management, and sustainability to introduce the new leader and share her perspective on the challenges of a global company in a local context. 
  • Interview opportunities and participation in special “One Shot” features where the spokesperson could introduce herself and share the corporate vision. 
  • Participation in relevant third-party events, including those organized by national media and business organizations such as AmCham, the Swiss Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Forbes Magazine, etc. 



  • Throughout the first year of work, the new CEO participated in 48 media placements, 83% of which were in Tier1 media. 
  • 9 were exclusive interviews. 
  • 5 were 1-1 relationships. 
  • In all of them, she was able to convey the company’s key messages. 
  • Organic participation in 4 third party events and invitation to be part of other coming meetings.