New Boeing 777-300 launch and new crew uniforms presentation 

Agencies : IDENTIA / PR

The company had to present the new Boeing 777-300 and the new route Miami-Buenos Aires to journalists and influencers. At the same time, AA had reached a milestone changing crew member uniforms for the first time in many years. 

The goal was to position the new corporate image reflected in airplanes and new institutional uniforms in media and social networks.  


To achieve these goals:  

  •   In-depth research of the historic rebranding when the merge with US Airways happened.  
  • Editorial content generation and distribution.  
  • The event was held at International Airport, inside one of the new planes and the crew dressed in new uniforms were responsible for welcoming guests. Only 15 travel bloggers and specialized media were invited. Private company lounge was used for an informal dinner afterwards. 
  • Audiovisual, graphic and digital multimedia content was shared with mass media and specialized media journalists as well.  
  • Spokespersons were trained regarding media encounters and key message sharing.  
  • Most Interviews were coordinated before the event.   
  • Complementary content was offered to journalists who assisted.  


  • 25 repercussions in relevant national newspapers.  
  • 100% specialized media presence.  
  • Positive comments from journalists regarding creativity in the organization of the event.