Velodyne Lidar

Agencies: Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

Based in Silicon Valley, Velodyne Lidar is the technology that allows autonomous vehicles (AV) to ‘see.’ Velodyne Lidar hired LCI to showcase the company’s leadership in the burgeoning market and to reassure the public that autonomous vehicles will reduce roadway fatalities. LCI in turn partnered with PRGN Detroit’s Bianchi Public Relations, which specializes in automotive PR, to help with the campaign.


The team created key messages for Velodyne for multiple audiences and trained spokespeople to deliver those messages with consistency. Media outreach highlighting founder David Hall provided an avenue to explain the complex technology in layman’s terms. The campaign included a strategy to reinforce Velodyne as the leader in the field, while supporting the company’s commitment to safety. The team helped re-invigorate and promote a partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, supported efforts to gain traction for Velodyne’s World Safety Summit, leveraged Velodyne’s presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for media outreach and targeted very important automotive trades and awards.


PBS’ Nova, CNET Roadshow, Silicon Valley Business Journal (cover story), Business Insider, Reuters, KTVU, Associated Press, Auto Connected Car News, Digital Trends, LED Inside, Digital Trends, Voice of America, Green Car Congress and more. LCI’s CES efforts paid off with more than 63 media visiting the Velodyne booth and coverage that included Associated Press, The Information, The Drive, The Globe and Mail, outlets in Germany, China and Korea. Videos from influencers Peter Diamandis and Zenni supported increased social media engagement. Media impressions numbered 685 million and the campaign generated $6.34 million worth of ad equivalency. Velodyne’s share of voice within its competitive set equaled 59% versus its biggest competitor at 13%. Trade press results included Automotive Trends and Automotive Engineer, TU Automotive, Sensors Online, Digital Trends, Semiconductor Engineering, Next Mobility and others. Awards results included: the IPO Inventor of the Year Award (presented to Velodyne Founder David Hall) and PACE awards provided the accolades supporting media interest from Associated Press, The Information, The Verge, Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Mashable, Silicon Valley Business Journal and many others.