Mostarda: an Italian culinary excellence

Agencies : Sound Public Relations

Mostarda is a typical Lombard food product, known and appreciated throughout Italy, but culturally linked to the Christmas period.

Main challenge for Sound PR was to extend the product’s consumption beyond the Christmas period.

The Mostarda Festival, promoted by Lombardy Region, Chambers of Commerce and Municipalities of Mantua and Cremona is used to taking place in Cremona and Mantua in October.  Sound PR was entrusted for the 2017 and 2018 editions. Main goals of the projects were:

  • Highlight the importance of Mostarda as a product of excellence in the Italian gastronomic landscape.
  • Promote Mostarda as a product to taste all year round.
  • Increase the visibility of the “Mostarda Festival” kermesse.


SOUND PR has used different story angles and approaches for different kinds of media and influencers: food, travel & leisure; lifestyle, etc.

Main responsibilities:

  • Press conference
  • Media pitches
  • Proactive and reactive Press Office activities
  • Graphic Design
  • Video shooting
  • Social Media buzz generation



  • 455 articles
  • 47% in food magazines, 28% in lifestyle media, 15% in national media and 10% in travel titles
  • 1,049,525,798 in total reach
  • EUR 825,700 in advertising value

Social media:

  • 173 posts
  • 2,594,797 social coverage