Crisis Communications & Crisis Management

When a crisis hits, every second counts. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a high-profile individual, the key to mitigating a PR crisis is a swift and solid response. While most companies are legally prepared for a catastrophe, they often forget about crisis communications and crisis management. Developing a crisis plan and preparing for the inevitable is critical to protecting your reputation and brand.

How Can We Help?

Crises can hit any company in any country, which is why access to a global network of communication experts is so valuable. We have PR agencies all over the world that specialize in crisis communications, ensuring you have a crisis response team on the ground wherever and whenever you need them. In addition, we offer our clients comprehensive crisis preparedness and post-crisis assessment and recovery.

Crisis Preparedness

No one likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but developing a crisis plan before a crisis occurs is the first step in damage control. Our crisis management services include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Crisis communications plan development
  • Crisis response training and simulations
  • Media training

Crisis Response

When and how you communicate to the public and the media is crucial when a crisis occurs. We help you consider all the angles and answer every possible question. Our crisis communications services include:

Crisis Recovery

In the aftermath of a crisis, we help you assess the damage, communicate with stakeholders, rebuild your brand, and repair your reputation. Our crisis recovery services include:


Ready to Get Started?

A sound crisis management plan is integral to protecting your brand and preserving your reputation. To learn more about crisis communications and crisis management, contact PRGN. With a network of more than 50 leading PR firms around the world, and crisis communications specialists with experience in a variety of industries and markets, we have a local expert for you.



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