World-Class Reputation Management Services

If you are a high-profile individual or a company, your online reputation is a very valuable asset. Like it or not, the Internet is your first impression for people who do not know you yet. Customers, clients, colleagues, even competitors are Googling you right now and the results will help shape their opinion of you. At PRGN, we help protect the reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build, and we’ll work to restore it, when everything is at stake.

How Can We Help?

Central to any communications campaign is making sure that your audience understands you. By building trust between your audience and your key messages, our global network of PR agencies and online reputation management experts ensure that your reputation is representative of your organization’s purpose, mission and values. That way, you can own your brand before anyone else does.

There are three parts to reputation management: building your online reputation, monitoring and protecting it, and restoring your reputation if it becomes tarnished. Whether your business is located in North America, Asia-Pacific or Europe, PRGN has agencies around the world that specialize in all aspects of reputation management.

Here are some of the Online Reputation Management Services we offer internationally:

PR professional conducts an online search as part of a client's reputation management program

  • We conduct a thorough search to determine if your current reputation is positive, negative, neutral or non-existent, then we develop a strategy and continuously monitor your brand reputation to ensure it stays positive.
  • We register your domain, claim all of your online properties, and maintain communication with your audience by creating and publishing carefully crafted social media messaging on the various platforms.
  • When a mishap occurs, we address it. Whether it’s a negative review, unfavorable or unfair content, staged attacks by competitors, or a PR crisis, we regain control of your brand’s online story, and provide a swift and solid response.


Ready to Get Started?

What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet, so it’s imperative that everything we say and do online is fostering a positive image. To learn more about online reputation management, contact PRGN. With a network of more than 50 leading PR firms around the world, and reputation management specialists with experience in a variety of industries and markets, we have a local expert for you.



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