Uwe Schmidt

Uwe Schmidt

CEO and partner

Industrie-Contact AG

Hamburg, Germany

Uwe Schmidt is regional vice president of PRGN for the EMEA region covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. In his regional leadership role, Uwe supports PRGN’s members in the EMEA region and plays an active role in business development and new member selection.

Uwe Schmidt started his career at Industrie-Contact AG (IC AG) as trainee in 1989. Just a few years later he became CEO and partner. In the nineties he oversaw the agency’s German business and in the early 2000s he established the firm’s international network. In 2002 IC AG joined the Public Relations Global Network where Schmidt helped extend the European network. Uwe served as president of PRGN in 2014 – 2015.

Beside his activities at Industrie-Contact AG and PRGN, Uwe is chairman of the Kinderhilfswerk Dritte Welt e.V., a children charity organization which implements aid projects in eight countries.

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