Tips to Earn “Best Agency to Work for” Award

August 14 2023

In the dynamic world of agencies, creating a workplace that stands out as the best is a continuous challenge. It’s not just about having a well-decorated office or offering high salaries. It’s about fostering a culture that values each team member, promotes engagement, and supports a great work-life balance. In this article, we’ll delve into the key strategies to make your agency the best place to work.

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Crafting a resilient employer brand

The first step to create a great place to work is to build a strong employer brand. This is the image or impression of your agency as an employer, both inside and outside the organization. It’s how you communicate your agency’s identity, values, and culture to not only current and potential employees but also to other stakeholders such as prospects and customers. A strong employer brand can enhance your overall company image and reputation.

Promoting your values is a crucial aspect. Your agency’s values should be more than just words. They should guide your actions and decisions.

For example, if one of your values is innovation, you could recognize and reward employees who come up with new ideas or solutions. This not only encourages innovative thinking but also shows that you value it.

Showcasing your culture is another important aspect. This could be done through your agency’s communication channels, such as your website or social media platforms where you give a ‘behind the scenes’. For instance, you could share photos or stories from team events, or highlight employee achievements. This gives potential employees a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your agency.

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Elevating employee engagement

Employee engagement is another crucial factor in making your agency the best place to work. Employees who are involved in the company are more productive, more committed to their work, and less likely to leave the agency. Here are some ways to boost involvement:

  • Provide regular feedback and recognition: this could be in the form of performance reviews, one-on-one meetings, or even just a simple thank you note. For example, if an employee has done a great job on a project, acknowledging their hard work and thanking them can go a long way making them feel valued.
  • Offer career development opportunities: in the form of training programs, mentorship, or opportunities for advancement. You could offer a leadership training program for employees who aspire to take on managerial roles.
  • Foster open and transparent communication; this could be as simple as keeping employees informed about important updates or decisions, or as complex as creating a platform where employees can voice their ideas or concerns.

Turning employees into brand ambassadors

In the digital era, employees are not just workers but also social media content creators and influencers within their own online communities. They bring not only their professional skills and experiences but also their personal brands and networks of contacts. This presents a unique opportunity for agencies to leverage their employees’ personal brands and online presence. Many companies have started to implement Employee Brand Advocacy Programs, which involve the voluntary participation of a group of employees in promoting the employer’s brand. These employees, who are often active and influential in social media or various communities of interest, are trained and supported to position themselves as experts in their fields. They help promote the employer’s brand by sharing the best stories and initiatives from within the company. This not only enhances your agency’s image but also empowers your employees and gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

Championing work-life balance

Work-life balance is key for employee happiness and productivity. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever for employees to have a balance between their work and personal life. Here’s how you can promote it:

  • Offer flexible working hours to give employees the freedom to adjust their work schedules to fit their personal needs.
  • Providing remote work options can help employees save time on commuting and have more control over their work environment.
  • Encourage time off, even just regular breaks during the workday. It doesn’t only help relax but also to boost energy and productivity.
  • Encourage physical activity not only as a part of your workplace health management but also to foster collegial or athletic collaboration.

Transforming your agency into the best place to work for is a continuous journey that requires commitment. It involves crafting a resilient employer brand, elevating employee involvement, and championing work-life balance. But the rewards—increased productivity, improved retention, and a happier workforce—are well worth the effort.

Remember, the best place to work is not just about the physical environment. It’s about the people, the culture, and the experiences. It’s about creating a place where employees feel valued, involved, and happy. And that’s what truly makes an agency the best place to work.

Frédéric Francois
General Manager, Two cents
20 years in business and still enjoying it. Especially my team and our customers!

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