Clever Ways to Get Free Press Coverage

April 16 2018

The best kind of press isn’t something that you buy, but how exactly do you get free press coverage? Because the media is constantly pitching new products and services, getting noticed can be difficult. Here are three clever ways to ensure you get the media coverage you want, provided by the world’s top media relations agencies.

  1. Pitch a Ready-Made Story
    One of the cardinal rules of successful media relations is to make the journalist’s job easier. The research and writing that go into a good story are time consuming, so help out your media contacts by doing the legwork for them. In addition to pitching your new product, service or brand, include market information, show the social value and reference news sources. If your press release is totally self-serving, it’s less likely to be picked up than if you were to include other useful information.
  2. Target Specialized Editors
    Rather than pitching to a publication or website’s managing editor, or the even broader press department, look for names and contact information for specialty editors. For instance, a sports or fashion editor might be more interested in your story than the publication’s news editor. In you are unsure of who to target, look for new stories related to your industry, or about your competitors, and consider reaching out to the writers and editors of those articles.
  3. Choose Timely Topics
    There are certain times of year when the press are in need of news. The fiscal new year and the start of the holiday season are just a few popular examples. Find out what these key dates are for the publications and editors that you want to align with and pitch stories around these topics and times. Make sure you understand editorial calendar deadlines and lead times, as well. For instance, some magazines may need holiday news as far in advance as July, while a website may work on a shorter time frame.

Media relations, as the name indicates, is all about relationships. The media prefers to work with companies that they know and trust. With a global network of more than 50 media relations agencies, PRGN is able to use our strong relationships with media professionals around the world to make sure that your news is visible to the people who need to see and hear it. To find a media relations agency near you, contact PRGN.

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