In support of Ukraine, the PRGN Executive Committee calls for communications professionals around the world to do the right thing and pledge their abhorrence to the actions taken by the Russian Government

March 5 2022

In response to the invasion of Ukraine on the orders of the Russian government, the Executive Committee of the Public Relations Global Network is condemning the attacks and issuing a statement of solidarity for both the Ukrainian people and the Russian private citizens who do not support their government’s actions.

The crisis in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster and one that is particularly abhorrent for the peoples of both countries and other countries in the region. 

The situation transcends personal or professional considerations. It is our moral duty to stand up and have our voices heard,” said PRGN President Alexandra Dinita, Founder of Free Communication, Romania, summarizing the position of the group.

In support of Ukraine
Source: Wikimedia

People now function as a global society where everyone is connected. PRGN is a global network, and it is critical that we stand next to all our members. For those who are witnessing this attack from a distance, it’s important show support for the others who are closer to this human crisis. 

As communications professionals, we condemn the terrible propaganda that is being peddled in place of the truth and highlights the basic human right for people to receive accurate, independent, and verified information. The current conflict demonstrates how damaging propaganda can be, especially when amplified through social media, and reminds all communications professionals about their responsibility to properly handle information, work transparently with media and fight misinformation and disinformation directed at people.

While many member firms and individuals are moving forward with their own actions, donations, and communications, PRGN as a global entity and, on behalf of members, is committed to making its contribution by calling out this atrocity. 

Here are the steps taken by the organization and recommended to all communications professionals globally:

Have your voice heard

Step up and say – even though it may sound obvious – that such acts of war and unlawful invasion are to be condemned.

Stand by those oppressed – either by a foreign power or by their own government.

Express common sense: it is exactly our job as communicators to understand and point out the difference between the aggressive power of a government and private individuals, companies and organizations living and operating in the same country.

Take action

Give, support, donate as your situation allows, globally to help people affected and mitigate damage, both as a company or as an individual. If you can go there and help on the spot, do it. You can provide translation, transport, and support through guidance. If you can provide jobs or shelter, please don’t hesitate. And you can always help by sending money so that others on the ground who desperately need resources are better able to support those in need. 

Collect trusted sources of information and fight misinformation

Look for, share, and point people to trusted information sources, as well as point out misinformation and its sources. The war is waged not only on the battlefront but also in the media, social channels and cyberspace. Not everybody is able to vet information sources as closely and as efficiently as communications people can when it comes to assessing media. Use the power you have.

Influence people to support and donate

As trusted advisors, communications professionals can help people globally to navigate better and find the charities and NGOs best positioned to help those in need. There are countless organizations offering help and collecting funds. Pointing people with intentions to help and donate to the right and trusted organizations is an important role in a crisis of such scale. Communications professionals know how to build and judge for trust and skill which is needed now more than ever.


We believe we have the power and the duty to amplify truthful and moral messages,” added PRGN President Dinita.

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