Looking for a PR Job? PRGN is a Global Job-Finding Resource for the Public Relations Industry

September 10 2017

Whether you’re a recent graduate embarking on your first job-hunting adventure or a seasoned pro seeking a mid-career lane change, finding the right fit can be a confusing and stressful process. Through the long cycles of networking, researching and interviewing, it’s easy to lose sight of your own long game and where it is you will truly thrive.

While sticking to your home territory holds familiarity and lots of built-in appeal, it’s easy to overlook the possibilities that can open up when you consider a broader picture. How might your unique perspective and skills offer different value in a market outside the one in which they were developed? The difference may be dramatic. Because smart PR agencies know diversifying their specializations is key to their long-term growth and viability, hiring from outside their market can be strategically savvy. For example, a candidate from Seattle, well-versed in tech but struggling to compete in their home territory, could offer tremendous appeal for a firm seeking to expand its portfolio in a market with a burgeoning tech industry (such as Salt Lake City). Remember — back on Krypton, Superman would have been just another guy.

This is where PRGN comes in. In addition to being powerful resource for clients, PRGN is a unique job-searching tool, spotlighting amazing PR opportunities all over the world and handing candidates the key to unlocking their own superpowers. Constantly updated by it’s network of over fifty top public relations agencies around the world, The PRGN.com jobs resources page is the PR industry’s first global job bank. With an ever-expanding range of roles from consultants to designers, account executives to interns, the PRGN jobs page allows anyone to find the perfect fit anywhere in the world.

Traditional online job searching tools have their place, but none of them are tailored specifically for the public relations industry and its specialized needs. The jobs page at PRGN.com bypasses the unnecessary layers of screening and sorting algorithms and puts candidates in direct contact with the agencies hiring. It’s PR pros helping PR pros in an environment that’s supportive, transparent and mutually beneficial.

By removing barriers — both virtual and geographical — today’s public relations professionals have better access to the best jobs in the business than ever before. Whether you’re looking to switch counties, countries or continents, the power to leverage your experience into an ideal PR role at one of the best agencies in the world is now just a click away. And because the list of jobs is growing and updating every day, anyone serious about their PR career should not just check it out, they should check it often.

Are you getting the most out of your public relations career? It might be time to think outside your city. To find out more about how PRGN is the PR pro’s secret weapon, click here.