Welcome Y’all…PRGN Meets in Dallas

May 9 2017

PRGN’s recent gathering in Dallas, Texas was a real meeting of the minds – and cultures.  Hosted by local PRGN agency, Three Box Strategic Communications, senior communications leaders from around the world converged to talk about integrated media, new business, the challenges facing our industries today and a lot of “how do you do that in your firm?”


Now celebrating the addition of our 50th member agency, PRGN truly epitomizes local-agency intelligence wrapped in a powerful global brand. It was evident in big ways (welcoming asoluto, our new Austrian agency, and S&A Communications from Raleigh, North Carolina (US) to the network) and small (ever try to explain the phrase “y’all” to someone from Scandinavia?).  Sharing best practices, comparing notes and identifying new business targets was intermixed with world-class barbeque, a bit of Topgolf and discussions surrounding that fateful day on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza (which happened to be conveniently located near our hotel).


But the highlight was learning more about our new members…


  • Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, asoluto works with a wide range of clients – everyone from AEG to Roche. They’re proudly situated in the center of Europe, supporting both Eastern and Western European brands. Asoluto’s CEO Robert Bauer is now fully versed in Texas BBQ and he loves it.


  • S&A Communications calls Raleigh, North Carolina home. This 35-year old shop works with municipalities, professional services and lifestyle clients, including First Tennessee, Mid-South Engineering and Bell and Howell. Chuck Norman from S&A took a real chance in coming to Texas from North Carolina, where the authenticity of barbeque needs to be “discussed” for hours.


Our time in Dallas was also a bit bittersweet as we bid “so-long pardner!” to PRGN President, Evelyn Holtzhausen, of South Africa-based HWB Communications, and welcomed Christina Rytter of Copenhagen’s Scandinavian Communications as our new leader.


As we head into a big anniversary year for PRGN, we’re thankful for the global partnerships, friendships, and ever-expanding circle of influence and understanding – making PRGN truly a network of knowledge.